Who Sang Resilient? Substantial

Substantial Home Is Where the Art Is cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-9-4
length: 3:36
producer: Eric Lau

The television say that I'm suppose to be a crook
The message is the same on every station that I look
Gonna hide something from me they say put it in a book
'Cause that's the last place that a simpleton would look
But sorry to disappoint, never been to the clink
Known to kill shit, just not the way that you think
And not afraid to do just that, I ain't stupid
Some get brain then act scared to use it
That there is foolish
You've got me mistaken
Got too much love to waste my life hatin'
Suppose to rhyme about the money I be makin'
Dessert chef stee, my G, strictly cakin'
But if I did that then clearly I'd be fakin'
Instead I rhyme about the difference I be makin'
Suppose to be a rapper, I'm an MC
You'd be one too if you knew your history
We went from toastin', boastin', to loafin'
Pioneers pissed that they left the door open
We're suppose to make them proud. I still plan to
By kicking all these lame men out, Substantial's
Suppose to be a quitter and absentee father
But I figure what's more precious than my daughter
Nada! Develop her mind so she's smarter
And destined to do great things like her father!
Speak about it
Then I be about it
Where would I be without it
Speak about it
Then I be about it
Where would I be without it
I'm suppose to be homeless
Slept on the floors of my brothers, no Jonas
So I... ain't... thinkin' 'bout opponents
Went from the couch surfer to an homeowner
Where I'm from that's called progress
I'm the truth indeed I plead no contest
I'm suppose to be a thief no conscious
Only stole the show at sold out concerts
And never sold any kinda
Contraband to no man. No ganja
Don't let the locks fool ya, y'all got me twisted
No sice, no stereotype, no statistic!
Shape up or ship out in this game
Take a little off the top, go against the grain
And keep my cuts bold, refuse to be faded
But when your green's light you're usually jaded
I'm suppose to be a failure
But I catch breaks
Like a breath of fresh air and the snare's my inhaler
Brought a brother back when I should've been silenced
I'm suppose to be a victim of gun violence
But my spirits defiant
The earth gave birth to a sun with a vibrant
But my heart should be black
Overcompensating for everything that I lack
In fact I'm the polar opposite of that
But they act like I only play sports and sell crack
And/Or rap I can be that and much more
Came a long way though they tried to leave me cut short
Hard work pays, what I need luck for?
Guess I was suppose to be scared of a shut door
Can't halt my train of thoughts conductor
Express lines nonstop when tracks cut off

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  • 2 See Hear
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  • 4 Neighborhood Watch
  • 5 Resilient
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  • 8 Make Up Sex
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