Who Sang Spilled Milk? Substantial

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Release information
Release Date: 2012-9-4
length: 3:57
producer: SlopFunkDust

Come on... (x 10)
Man it's hard when you see more bills than checks
That’s why I push an XB for wheels, no Lex
While I write day and night just to deal with stress
Walk these DMV streets like I'm still the best
Even though I got an overdrawn account waiting on collb money
Frontin ass promoters refusing to ask for me
State trooper tailing me, creeping in back of me
Traffic violation they call in the calvary
Shit ain't adding up and you don't need a math degree
I'm here laughing at shit that really ain't that funny
But eh man, life ain't perfect
Made something of myself with next to nothing to work with
And found my purpose, while looking for answers
Wife looking for purses, baby looking for pampers
Got me looking for paper to feed our needs and our wants
So a slice won't due, when you're in need of a chunk
Of the proverbial pie, so when shit try to halt
This descendant of go-getters ‘bout to get some results
So those pennies for thoughts can add up when you get on your grind
Especially when you got a lot of shit on your mind, I'm saying...
It's no use crying over spilled milk (Yeah!)
Big deal if you fall you can still help (Yeah!)
Son I'ma stick to laughing to keep from crying (Yeah!)
I'ma stick to living to keep from dying (Yeah!)
No time for quitting I keep climbing (Yeah!)
In my darkest hour I keep shining (Yeah!)
Even when sunset he keep rising (Yeah!)
Pick myself up shake it off and keep grinding (Yeah!)
Til I take these coals and make diamonds (Yeah!)
Always make the best of the situation that I'm in! (Yeah!)
Fuck a plan B if plan A is win, you can quote me God
With the mic, stage, or pen... I am going hard
While my friends took a break, I was taking chances
Labels feeling the kid, now and try to take advantage
Every other week of the month I'm like damn this
Starving and bamas is trying to feed me canned shit
I know I'm hungry, okay more like famished
But I done seen things that'll make a grown man cringe
But I still will heal with no bandage
Found away to still paint pictures with no canvas
But I'ma manage cause challenge I'm use to
Got every single reason to fail... I refuse to
With little promo, no investments, and skeptics
Can make this road to success shit hectic
The way I'm barely eating man I should be anorexic
Everything's backwards, I ain't even dyslexic
Check it, I've tried what other people suggested
But being anything other than me's out of the question
Found a way to win when others didn't expect it
Underdog champ of the decade, respect it! (Yeah!)
HOOK (x 2)

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