Who Sang Umoja? Substantial

Substantial Home Is Where the Art Is cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-9-4
length: 3:54
producer: Oddisee

[Verse 1]
Could have made a baby mom out of ya' but figured wife was better
I wrote Eclipse for you instead of writing letters
You held me down through my endeavors and in turn
We gained experience through rotten weather
And we learned that above this fog is cloud 9
Visibility's low but I don't let it cloud mine
I see you, but this isn't Pandora
But fight for your man and I'll fight for ya'
Cause in the meantime we keep peace and order
Plant food for thought keep our seed watered
Like many before us we could play this solo
But we make a better chorus because we make great music (Together)
An imperfect harmony, couple scars but we're durable like mahagony
And over the years it may crack and splinter
When it's colder than last year's winter
But we hold it (Together)
Like our lives depended on it
No fluff built this with the proper components
That's why, why, why, why, why, why, why...


[Verse 2]
Uh-huh, what's unity without family, right?
Pops in a cemetary, brother's in the military
Mama's ain't got a mister, and I got 5 sisters
Only two I'm not in contact with, no grudges
Man I'm too old to be on that ish
Still love 'em and if you're listenin'
I hope life treatin' you well
And your thirst for success too strong for you to fail
Lesson learned from my fam in fact
The very thing that helped me make it through hell and back
And I'm cool, how fire gunna burn the sun?
Don't be a fool, I learned what resilient meant because of you
And (together) we continue to make it through
Cancer, mental illness, diabetes, and who
Knows what else but I tell you what else we can do
Raise our kids healthier and wiser but we gotta do it (Together)
For Dillain, Octy, and Ren Ren
All my little fam, a better future's within them, yeah


[Verse 3]
Yo, I ain't even gotta know you to show you love
Cause nowadays even a complete stranger could be your blood
So I treat everyone like a cous' on GP
Until your attitude switch from love to bleep me
Everybody and their mama from the street
But when it need improvements they forget it completely
How you gonna make a child and not raise him?
Tell me, can you love your God and not praise him?
Same goes for your offspring or it fall on
Me to make everything alright when it's all wrong
Call on me, we share a common enemy
Inner turmoil from not knowing our true identity
Turn your backs on the exact ones we should bond with
I got your back young we need action to make progress (Together)
We can conquer any nonsense
Invest in one another our people shall profit
Let's start it


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