Who Sang Trapped? Such a Surge

Such a Surge Under Pressure cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Hip Hop Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Hardcore
length: 4:25
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It's a matter of fact they've got me trapped in this cage of rage
And now they wonder why I'm always on the rampage
They try to manipulate my traits to create my hate
And I can't wait to retaliate cause they can't fade
Frustration, just bullshit around me
I show no mercy, I become blood thirsty
I crossed the tracks and now I'm chopping off heads
With the rhyme axe you can run but you can hide so relax
Lock into my eyes, tell me your ****ing lies
And prepare yourself to die, welcome to your homicide
Down on your knees, pray for delay
But don't play, 'cause I'm out for my foray so dont hide away
6 6 7 neighbour of the beast with the devil of pride inside
I'm here to stop your brain genocide
It's a shame, who's to blame, nobody can tame the flame
I feel the same pain in the brain and I become insane

Trapped trapped tackle my impact
Trapped trapped but the roughneck strikes back

Wrong colour, wrong hair, wrong eyes, the same lies
Day by day no way out but I'm still proud
My race is rare I've got my neck in a snare
But I've got no fear cause I really don't care
No not me I try to do the best I can
No justice no peace and I'm trying hard to be a man
By any means necessary, I'm still fighting to be free
'cause I can't see any equality
Trapped! that's what I am feeling free is nothing but a hologram
So here I am again flying to a new age
I become a hostage feeling caught in this blind rage
But who's to blame it's the same game anyway
Free your mind and maybe we will find a way
Out of the ghetto of the mind because you're not blind
Open your eyes and stop telling me your ****ing lies

Trapped trapped so tackle my impact
Trapped trapped but the roughneck strikes back

Fatal mistake you're a fake snake take a break
You've got me trapped so there'll be an earthquake
You're just a typical, tactical, hypocritical *** kissing fool
That's why I'm pissing on your golden rules
I'm gonna keep my soul locked safe inside
Not for sale so you fail, cause we don't drive on the same rail
It wont suffice that you pay the price for your ****ing lies
Take my advice, 'cause you don't live twice
The higher you climb the further you fall so take care
Alright shave off your hair but nazi be aware
Can't you see? they built you up just to knock you down
Can't you see? they sell your soul and finally you are the clown
You're trying to hang yourself without a ****ing rope
You just mope cause they've got you trapped on 'deathrow'
Moving with the crowd is your way downstairs to hell
So don't sell your last brain-cell fool.

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  • Release information
    label: Epic
    country(area): Germany
    format: CD
    barcode: 5099747797521
    script: Latin