Who Sang Doe Doe and a Skunk? Suga Free

Suga Free Street Gospel cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-5-20
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 5:09
Smokin' on that doe doe and a skunk
As I bump with the humps in the trunk
I'm sippin' on that Hennesey because it's all good
As I bounce to a party in the hood

Verse 1:

[Suga Free]
Slide, slide, slippety slide
Because I heard it was a party jumpin' on the Westside
Ride, Dogg, show me your eyes
So I'ma drink this Hennesey and give my head a real drive
Now the rat-tat-tat-tat strapped on my back-back
Nothin' jacked but the cracker playa hater talkin' smack
'Cause the party that I'm headed fo' is oh so deep
And it's a Tony Lang thang so I'm bound to creep
Now Suga Free don't dance, but I'd like to now
And my hoes can't go until my money is right
Now I'm about to get go after I G up from the feet up
And roll this weed up, like ?, speed up with the beat up
And roll. Baby hold that stearin wheel while I roll this indo
Better known as the magic wand, the bomb, the antidote
The twilight smoker, 'fore smoke
As I swerve by the curb on some herb gettin' smoked
Hittin' 16 switches is the life
While your girl send you to players anonymous, I perform like the Macs
I sell her dreams to her like a quiet storm
The only reason why they be worth pennies is to keep her ankle from her
As I tip top out the Cadillac
I see my homie DJ Quik and Tony Lang with that sticky green thang

[?Tony Lang?]
?? up in a planatary temper high
Tryin' to prevent a player from gettin' his pie, so let me fly


Verse 2:

[Suga Free]
Sway, as I begin to hit the Chronic I see birds
I'm paranoid but I still want that herb
Somebody ??? cause my cotton mouth is back but I'm feelin' superb

I'm in la-la land and I'm tweaky
I'm in la-la land, but I see these girls freaky
I'm in la-la land, time to start creepin'
One two three, I emerge as a G
The Chronic got my membrane stuck
I'm Suga Free and I don't give a huff
And my eyes are oh so loaded
That I can barely focus in on my folks
Sway, it's reserve, as I tip-toe
Slip and slide to the flow where the ?heatho?
Really though, here we go ho
Foe everytime I look around I see hoes
So many different freaks to be chose
So what you sayin'? What you sayin'?
Spit that game and bust these hoes
?? caught me for a dog, how?
Got you niggas slippin' with this freak in, bow wow
That ? was to, her skirt got hooked, her man got shook
Cause that's the way it's written down in a players book
To a bitch thinkin' just like blue
Don't let her bounce off me, so we can stick on you
Now if you got a sack of weed say "Right, right"
Now hold it up and wave it from side to side
Cause your party ain't a party if you ain't got weed
Woman cloud and contact smoke that I can book breath
Yeah I can feel my heart beat
It's Suga Free, come take this weed from me
And something's wrong, I think I'm sprung, off of that twee.. Suga Free
And I feel so high, my mouth is dry
But I wanna fly in the sky and say goodbye as I rise
Seems.. As I take a deep breath from that boo-boo AKA the chronic
Not that boo-bop that you got
Seperate mine from yours, fool, I want the pie
That every other bud head do
The certain general has just informed you and I
To inhale and exhale, to breathale my bale well

Chorus 4x

Smokin on that doe doe and a skunk...

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Why U Bullsh**in?
  • 3 I'd Rather Give You My Bitch
  • 4 Doe Doe and a Skunk
  • 5 Don't Know Suckaz Live Here
  • 6 Tip Toe
  • 7 I Wanna Go Home (The County Jail Song)
  • 8 If U Stay Ready
  • 9 Fly Fo Life
  • 10 On My Way
  • 11 Secrets
  • 12 Table Interlude
  • 13 Dip Da
  • 14 Tip Toe (Reprise)