Who Sang Death? Sugar Hiccup

Release information
Release Date: 1995
length: 3:36
Sleep, silence, passing curtains
Freeze, breathless, senseless, wasted
In peace, thoughtless, push up, daisies,
Feet under the surface of this living race
Song, farewell, graveyard, autumn
Leaves falling, lifeless, swept away by breeze
Dawning, parting, spirit seized
Perish, good-bye, walk away deceased
I see you everyday
But now you slipped away
My heart's in disarray
But my heart will stay...will stay

Sleep, silence, passing curtains, end...

  • 1 Mikaela
  • 2 Why Sigh
  • 3 Moden De
  • 4 Heoowa
  • 5 Little D
  • 6 Five Years
  • 7 Don't Leave Me
  • 8 Love Endowed Intimately
  • 9 Death
  • 10 Us