Who Sang Head High? Sugardrive

Release information
Release Date: 1995-9-8
length: 3:51

World came round to lunch the other day, faces familiar underneath the dark blue skies of May. World came round to lunch the other day - came to baptise, came to bless, come what may. Know that you tried. Head high. Proud at this time - dignity restored, face buried in the shit all this time. Hear this song hear this shout of fiery hope. Earth feels good beneath my feet, nurtures my good soul Know that you tried - Head high. Living in this boomtown now you got your chance to live. C'mon and join the boomtown. C'mon and join the queue, get your bit

CD 1
  • 1 Intro... Moulin Casse
  • 2 Meatlocker
  • 3 Dark Passage
  • 4 Form the Habit
  • 5 Belly Full Under
  • 6 Separation Time
  • 7 Rope Trick
  • 8 Head High
  • 9 Slow
  • 10 Back Down the Dark Passage
  • 11 Separation Time (Fundamentally Aquatic mix)
  • 12 Mr Cupidity
  • 13 Way Out West