Who Sang Meatlocker? Sugardrive

Release information
Release Date: 1995-9-8
length: 3:35

Cold sweat fingers of the morning sun spraying up ascending like my pride in you in me, and I'm kissing myself blind this thing of ours taking form and exploding in their minds this crazy thing. I wanna be you, wanna be me. They're all watching and they're all hoping that it stays washed up and dried, meatlocker in hand and I'm kissing myself blind, taking shape and talking to the world this crazy thing. I wanna be you wanna be me

CD 1
  • 1 Intro... Moulin Casse
  • 2 Meatlocker
  • 3 Dark Passage
  • 4 Form the Habit
  • 5 Belly Full Under
  • 6 Separation Time
  • 7 Rope Trick
  • 8 Head High
  • 9 Slow
  • 10 Back Down the Dark Passage
  • 11 Separation Time (Fundamentally Aquatic mix)
  • 12 Mr Cupidity
  • 13 Way Out West