Slow Lyrics - Sugardrive

Release information
Release Date: 1995-9-8
length: 3:39

Is this thing senseless, for believing in myself, do I face some inevitable failure, or do I carry on? Am I much closer to dealing with the shit in my head? Am I making my own bed and do I sleep in it? Slow. Slowly. I make my way. Slow. Hey girl, will you be the engine in my soul? Driving me to find some other feeling - take me away. I'm curving, I'm dreaming on fire, I'm the world and you're moving on my wide bright sky, Curving dreaming I'm on fire. Slow

CD 1
  • 1 Intro... Moulin Casse
  • 2 Meatlocker
  • 3 Dark Passage
  • 4 Form the Habit
  • 5 Belly Full Under
  • 6 Separation Time
  • 7 Rope Trick
  • 8 Head High
  • 9 Slow
  • 10 Back Down the Dark Passage
  • 11 Separation Time (Fundamentally Aquatic mix)
  • 12 Mr Cupidity
  • 13 Way Out West