Who Sang She's Gone? Suggs

Release information
Release Date: 1995-10-16
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Ska/Pop Rock
length: 5:11
When she left, I said take everything, everything that's yours
And in the s___e of only half an hour, the entire room was bare
Even the flowers from the flower box (are not there)
But I could live with no regrets, alone

In this empty room
I wouldn't ask for anything
Or take back what you took
If I could only take back everything I said

I remember everything the way she looked at me
The things I couldn't say, my feelings so unclear, the empty silence here
The sun was shining bright, the day she went away
Now she's gone

It's been a year and seven weeks since she went away
Even though I haven't seen her since
It could still be yesterday
Even though I haven't seen her since she went away

Now she's gone
And it's too late to say the words
I meant to
Now she's gone
And I will never have the chance
To tell her
To change her mind
Now she's gone

CD 1
  • 1 I'm Only Sleeping
  • 2 Camden Town
  • 3 Alcohol
  • 4 4am
  • 5 The Tune
  • 6 Cecilia
  • 7 Haunted
  • 8 Off on Holiday
  • 9 Green Eyes
  • 10 Fortune Fish
  • 11 She's Gone