Who Sang Narcoleptic Feedback? Sunshine

Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 2:55

Black and blue, bones and skulls
On electric dream just keep your head
There you said, "now pull me out
And try to bring me into grateful death!"

You sit outside in the dark park with all your pain
You don't give a shit about conflicts and crime
Seems like another desolate day

Narcoleptic feedback, narcoleptic feedback
Hey, give me a break
I am so tired by your sickness

In the morning when you feeling's low
It shake's me cold
I been long time lost so far away
All secrets, weakness I put on air

I guess that's not fair, I guess that's not fair
My narcoleptic feedback

I am just wondering if you really want to die

Black and blue, bones and skulls
Black dice and electric dreams
Black and blue, bones and skulls
On electric dream - that's your thin ice
Narcoleptic feedback

CD 1
  • 1 Insomnia
  • 2 Narcoleptic Feedback
  • 3 Daydreams About White Lines
  • 4 Punk and Chic
  • 5 Scars of Love
  • 6 The Vertigo
  • 7 Last Your Day
  • 8 Thru Magnetic Fields
  • 9 The Spooky Cat Song/ [silence] / Sweet Obituary 3AM