I Want to Cry Lyrics - Superheroes

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Release information
Release Date: 1998-6-1
Genre: Electronic Pop
Style: New Wave/Synth-pop
length: 5:17
Summer has gone
And I just can’t take this feeling now
‘Cause you’re gone
For tonight I know you’re feeling blue
And you’re sad
Just as sad as I am feeling now
And you’re mad
Just because I made you leave last night

I want to cry (x 3)

I’d like to change her mind (x 4)

Winter has gone
And you don’t know where I have gone
'Cause you care
Care about the things we used to do
I can't sleep
Sleep 'cause you are gone
Tonight I know
I don't care
Why you are sad
I just don’t know

I want to cry(x 3)

I'd like to change her mind (x 4)

I want to cry(x3)

I think I'll
I want to cry(x3)

I’d like to change her mind (x 9)

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