Who Sang Anything It Takes? Supertouch

Release information
Release Date: 1990
length: 4:01
Take a look inside that greedy little mind
Do you find happiness in yout own life
You 'think for yourself' but its selfishly
Can't even live interdependantley
Crash and burn in everybody eleses s***e
You try to make this world into your place
Blame the times, excuse or a lie
You'll use anyone to fill the void in your life
Chrous again
Why are you so cold and dry that heart of yours
Could pump fire, why act so cold and dry
That heart of yours could pump fire
You just take what you can get
Without any guilt or regret
Then you try to philosophize
Cuz it's easier to look them in the eyes
I feel bad that your only desires
Are conquests and to acquire
There's no opposing sides
So stop showing off your pride
You wont find happiness
In your selfish life

CD 1
  • 1 Engine
  • 2 What If?
  • 3 Anything It Takes
  • 4 Vendor
  • 5 Lock Out
  • 6 Detectives
  • 7 The Painted Sky
  • 8 How Do You Feel?
  • 9 Grabbing Hold
  • 10 Understanding
  • 11 Shame