Who Sang Shame? Supertouch

Release information
Release Date: 1990
length: 4:31
Still movin' slow, say I'm getting by
But I dont believe that I try
Feeling in my heart I try to bring it to my head
But I stop it halfway instead
I dont change for the better, I let things run their course ( I think it's just a phase)
Now is the time to inspire...
This brand new day should not be the same
Nothing new is in my sight cause I hide myseld
From life chained to these thoughts which I never really bought
Which keep me in the dark, wont let me get my start
It's easier to watch a dream when I am in my sleep
Then to pay for it, work on it
I wait for things to come to me, but I get nothing
And now I see that my hands, they're empty
and I have everything in front of me...
As far as the eye can see

CD 1
  • 1 Engine
  • 2 What If?
  • 3 Anything It Takes
  • 4 Vendor
  • 5 Lock Out
  • 6 Detectives
  • 7 The Painted Sky
  • 8 How Do You Feel?
  • 9 Grabbing Hold
  • 10 Understanding
  • 11 Shame