Who Sang I Will Follow? Susan Ashton

Susan Ashton A Distant Call cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Pop Folk, World, & Country
Style: Alternative Rock/Soft Rock
length: 4:15
producer: Michael Omartian
membranophone: Steve Brewster
piano: Michael Omartian
mixer: Terry Christian
engineer: Terry Christian
electric guitar: Dann Huff and Jerry McPherson
violin: Jimmy Mattingly
bass: Danny O’Lannerghty
background vocals: Susan Ashton, Chris Rodriguez and J.D. Cunningham
organ: Tim Akers
additional engineer: Jim Dineen
acoustic guitar: Mac McAnally
percussion: Eric Darken
assistant mixer: John Thomas
assistant engineer: Eric Elwell, Marc Frigo, John Dickson and Jason White
writer: Jeff Borders, Gayla Borders, Julie Corlew
I'd cross the plastic to California
Be back in Boston By the break of day
Do anything to show I care for you
Do anything for a love so true
And if your heart were under lock and key
I'd scale the castle walls to set it free
If you were born in another age
I'd turn the hands of time, I'd find a way
Heaven knows I will go, I will follow
Heaven knows I will go, I will follow
And if fate had carved a canyon wide
And you were caught on the other side
I'd cry some tears deep as the ocean blue
And swim that great divide to get to you
What is logic compared to love
From the depths of the sea to the stars above
I will follow

CD 1
  • 1 You Move Me
  • 2 Blind Side
  • 3 Body and Soul
  • 4 All Kinds of People
  • 5 Crooked Man
  • 6 Spinning Like a Wheel
  • 7 Hundreds of Tears
  • 8 Send a Message
  • 9 I Will Follow
  • 10 Lonely River
  • 11 Love Profound