Who Sang Soul of a Man? Susan Tedeschi

Release information
Release Date: 2005-10-11
Genre: Blues
Style: Blues Rock/Modern Electric Blues
length: 3:16
The soul of a man touches something inside of me
Something too deep for anyone else to see
And the whole world wants to know, why I love him so
But I'm afraid, oh they just wouldn't understand

My love for a man is something I can't explain
And every tear that I shed, I know it's wasted in vain
But there's something I can reveal, that I so deeply feel
And it must be, oh it's got to be, the soul of a man

I cried and I cried, 'til I just can't cry no more
I know the man don't love me but he won't let me go
He controls my heart, my mind, and my soul
And he's got the power to make me stay home
When I really want to go

Soul of a man turns my mind around
And takes my helpless heart and turns it upside down
And the whole world wants to know why I love him so
And it must be oh, it's got to be, the soul of a man

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