Who Sang Bus Ride? Suzy Bogguss

Suzy Bogguss Sweet Danger cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-9-4
Genre: Pop Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country/Vocal
length: 3:51
Frankie is gone
Daddy's figured it out by now
She's long gone
To a town she'd heard in a song
On the radio years ago

On a bus
Frankie offers her last cigarette
To someone named angel
On the ride she tells a tale
Of dreams undone and those to come

Oh, oh, oh
Maybe we're not alone
Oh, oh, oh
Maybe we're not alone

On the aisle
A man turns to say
I've got nothing to hold me since she went away
Angel says hey man, Frankie and me
You know we're startin' new just like you

So they ride
Side by side by side
Into the darkness
Every mile that they're passin' through
Just makes them think it could be true


But surrounded by
Silent points of light that fight to be seen
In a world that's quick to cast it's shadow
And douse the beams

Driver says
It's the end of the line, time to go
So Frankie wakes angel
Hey we're here
I don't know where here is
Just some town
This is just some bus
But it's far enough
For the three of us

[Chorus: x2]

CD 1
  • 1 Bus Ride
  • 2 Everything
  • 3 No Good Way to Go
  • 4 If You Leave Me Now
  • 5 In Heaven
  • 6 Baby July
  • 7 Even If That Were True
  • 8 Chain Lover
  • 9 Sweet Danger
  • 10 Right Back into the Feeling
  • 11 It's Not Gonna Happen Today
  • 12 One Clear Moment