Who Sang This Is the Beginning? Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins

Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 5:13
You've been knocked down you've been dragged out
You've been misled and left for dead in the shadow of doubt
Over your shoulder is your only view
And all I can say is don't let yesterday get the best of you
This is the beginning this is not the end
This is not the time to be lyin' down and finally givin' in
This world keeps spinning around and again and this is the beginning this is not the end
Runnin' leaves you breathless standin' makes you swoon
Fightin' leaves you layin' down and stayin' down and prayin' it's all over soon
Who knows what's waiting further on up the track
One thing I know is there ain't no road gonna take you back
Cause this is the beginning...

[ ac.guitar ]
One day you're flyin' next day you crawl
Next day you don't know why you can only fly so high till you begin to fall
But sooner or later you'll go it alone
There's only one job and there's nobody's problems to solve but your own
Cause this is the beginning...
No this is not the end yeah

[ ac.guitar ]

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