Who Sang Nuclear Family? Sweatshop Union

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Release Date: 2011-4-11
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:42

Love life or hate it, all life is sacred
You might never truly know life until you make it
Co'create it with the one that runs the planets and atoms
The one & one is magic, nuclear family

Most say they want kids one day
What if sometime came sooner than some day
Would you stick around would you slip away
Too scared and unprepared but it’s too late
May have just been sex, but it made love
You came from the same flesh and the same blood
Such a sacred creation
Oh what a shame a lot of father’s just too afraid to raise em'
Ya, and ain’t no daughters or sons
More like by-products of the someone at one
A cosmic anomaly revolvin' on the sun
Or is this just a gift from God that lives on through the young
That’s for you to decide, your view your truth to realize only you design the future you and I hold
Try to do right, but very few like to see the value in the true price of human life


Soul searchin'
Got a call so urgent
Sayin' that she and I created our own person
Excited and so nervous
Scared and confused
Happy at the same time sharin' this news
Friends were shocked
I could see the doubt in em'
They wondered could I do it all and still be out with em'
Rockin' shows and all that
Thinkin' I’d fall back
Thought about the fact I never had someone to call dad
No idea how to act, how to be a role model to a kid
Got and hopin' that they see it all
Knowledge of self, and so on and so on
A leaf in the storm hopin' that the world can hold on
Time waits for Noone
Praying like I knew the words
Nine months later I’m holding a new universe
Hey young world, I’m here for you
Til' I die I’ll make sure the way is clear for you


Give life or take it, all life is sacred
You might not appreciate it til' you forsake it
The code of nature
Give and take like you do
But it’s breath is your breath
One day it might be you

One plus one is one
It’s magic
One plus one is three
It’s magic
One plus one is nine
It’s magic
Nuclear family

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Makeshift Kingdom
  • 3 Sunburn
  • 4 Bring Back the Music
  • 5 Nuclear Family
  • 6 Bill Murray
  • 7 John Lennon
  • 8 Staring at the Walls (Too Late)

  • Release information
    label: Urbnet Records
    country(area): Canada
    format: CD
    script: Latin