Who Sang Vigilant Always? Swirlies

Release information
Release Date: 1992
length: 5:11
pneuma has left me now
and oh i forget it
there's something to say
for someone who won't talk to me
i'm not going
why not

i know she's there beneath my window
there's a noise in her heart and it's f****** her up
be to me the one and only
i should know cause she told me so
i know cause i'm right

come to my window and throw stones of jell-o
there's a little black spot and she knows it's her conscience
i hope she learns how to cope with the pain in her heart
cause it's tearing her apart
be one while i sleep
wide awake
her eyes take me

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 [untitled]
  • 2 Bell
  • 3 Vigilant Always
  • 4 His Love Just Washed Away
  • 5 His Life of Academic Freedom
  • 6 Pancake
  • 7 Jeremy Parker
  • 8 Park the Car by the Side of the Road
  • 9 Tree Chopped Down
  • 10 Wrong Tube
  • 11 Wait Forever