Who Sang I? Switchblade

Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Hardcore/Post Rock
length: 5:55
Silence, we're standing barefoot
My head is turned towards the sky
The rain has washed away the tears
That I have cried

I hide beneath the stormy clouds
Your lips will blow them all away
The summer teardrops on my mouth
Touching my face

I can feel my skin on your fingertips
I can feel your mouth pressing on my lips
I can feel your pulse high up in my back
I can feel your heart underneath my chest
I can feel the whirl, I can feel the air
I can feel your breath rushing through my hair
I can feel your passion
I can feel your pain
I can feel you fall

Your love is like a rainbow
Like a rainbow I have flown into
My dreams have come in color
When I'm with you

And you have seen my secret
You have seen my secrets and my life
But I can feel no shame now
With you inside


And we have shared our secrets
We have shared our secrets and our lives
And we can feel no pain now
We live to die


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