Don't Waste Your Time Lyrics - SWV

Release information
Release Date: 1996-4-23
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: RnB/Swing/Disco/Swingbeat
length: 3:58
Don't Waist Your Time
Don't waist your time
You should be mine
Come get to know my love, my love
Don't look no more
You can be sure
Come get to know my love ---
Baby can you tell me
What it takes
To get to know your love
I want you love me in every way
I got what you're waiting for
Don't waist your time, no
Here in my arms is where you should be
No need to be alone
I can fulfill your fantasy
Give your real lovin' to me
(If time is what this is all about)
If time is what you need
(Then I'm sure we can work it out)
(Please just listen to me) -Please-
(I know I can make you happy)
Repeat Chorus Until Fade......

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