SWV (In the House) Lyrics - SWV

Release information
Release Date: 1992-10-27
length: 2:58
Yeah, and it goes, and it goes
And it goes a lil' something like this: HIT IT!
Yeah, that's it

Ahh, SWV's definitely in the house for the Nineties

Definitely coming on strong, so step to the left
Just to make room for the best

S-W-V (Sisters With Voices in the house)
S-W-V (Sisters With Voices in the house)
S-W-V (Sisters With Voices in the house)

Well we got Coko on the left
We got Taj on the right
We got Me in the middle

So, get up tonight!

Everytime I perform, it's the same old thing
I make ya man's [****] hard with the way I sing
'Cause it's the see-to the-O-to the-K-to the-O
Go for what you know, Ho, 'cause I'm COKO!
Puttin' all you phony singing females in check
I'm down with SWV, and I'ma come correct
A lot of people tried to diss me, but that's okay
Because now I got a record deal with RCA
Yeah, I got it going on, and you know it's a fact
That I perform live now, with no tracks
'Cause you know I can sing, yes I can create
And if you try to step to me, I'll set ya *** straight
Tall, dark and lovely, dangerous and attack you
I cannot wait to sing all over you and your wack crew
So don't act dumb like you don't know what time it is
Step to SWV, and you're bound to get JACKED!

Yeah, that was summed up well

Repeat Hook Until Fade...

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