Who Sang Heal? Sylvan

Sylvan Presets cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-2-19
length: 3:25
lead vocals: Marco Glühmann
guitar: Kay Söhl
keyboard: Volker Söhl
drums (drum set): Matthias Harder
bass guitar: Sebastian Harnack

You could be the air I breathe in
The flood that will shape the stones
You'd symbolize shelter for me
The stars like to shine on
You'd give me reasons to exist
And take away my pain... you would...
Heal all that time has failed to try
Be what it takes to comfort my life
And mean everything to me - but future's not yet here for me

You'd turn every tear to pleasure
Caressing my eyes with rain
You'd calm down the storms of my life
Faith I can rely on

You'd fill all the clouds with daylight and
While chasing the night away... you would...

Would you teach me, would you guide me, would you show me, would you try?

CD 1
  • 1 One Step Beyond
  • 2 Signed Away
  • 3 For One Day
  • 4 Former Life
  • 5 On the Verge of Tears
  • 6 When the Leaves Fall Down
  • 7 Words From Another Day
  • 8 Cold Suns
  • 9 Hypnotized
  • 10 Heal
  • 11 Transitory Times
  • 12 Presets