Who Sang Now and Forever? Syndrome

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Release Date: 2012-4-20
length: 28:07
all lyrics by chve.

-spoken by mathieu VDK-
One day you will stray from the pack
and you will dwell in barren and lonely places.

do not lose yourself in the Hunt,
the Horses, Hounds and Howls

Be a lone Wolf.
learn to love it
and let it last your while.

Offer guidance and protection for those who
need it and walk through your trail

Allow yourself and see your teacher within.

In the aloneness of those power places,
devoid of other humans, you will find the true you.
the true us.

one day
you will remember
you will
curse the hunt,

in silence
you will hear my distant howl

forever my son,
forever my moon.

-second voice sung by chve.-

when you're all alone you're one of us
even on your own i will carry you all along

even on your own you're one of us
lying in the pitch black dark of night

even all alone

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