T.I. feat. Young Buck & Young Dro - Undertaker Lyrics

release date: 2006-3-28
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Crunk/Thug Rap/Gangsta/Pop Rap/Conscious
length: 4:13
producer: Kevin “Khao” Cates
I'm a pimp tight, ***** ridin clean after midnight,
Ready for the gun play, prepared for a fistfight,
Run up on your ***** and ask her what that ***** hit like?
At first she actin' funny, but in a minute I knew she'd get right,
Get down, got her ****in' with another ***** now,
I'm king of all ice so remember this tip town,
And you ain't ready ***** ***** better set it down,
We mag night and rock steady ***** spittin rounds,
Turn you're stomach to spaghetti when you hit the ground,
Toss the choppas in the chevy now we mashin down,
Camilton, countin' all your benjamins and hamiltons,
As far as I'm concerned your just a job for the janitors,
Don't disregard I'm a guard your an amateur,
Hidin' behind your body guards and your manager,
I pimp hard through all the pages in the calendar,
***** is Pimp Squad, its all action no cameras,

You know what it is, You know what it is,
You know what it is, You know what is is,
Shorty we bury *****z, Shorty we bury *****z,
Shorty we bury *****z, Shorty we bury *****z, ... THE UNDERTAKER
You know what it is, You know what it is,
You know what it is, You know what is is,
Shorty we bury *****z, Shorty we bury *****z,
Shorty we bury *****z, Shorty we bury *****z, ... THE UNDERTAKER

Yo, standin on the trap with me, mashin' me is best for me
1000 round magazine, my partner say no attemptin me
I'm A to the average be , respiratory??, fruit chevy, H-IC, my lyrics hit like HIV
Spray by me, state patrol, murder comes like day to me,
Bullets chip your l-I-p and dirty all your h-I-p's
Shout out to your homies where they're feedin um through they IV,
From the westside where they say I be,
The way I be, the ruler of all I survery I be,
Laid back, Yay's back, Triple Kiwi Maybach,
Weed match the benz, Cush triple kiwi'd 80 pack,
Old school baby crack, I'm tryin' to bring the 80's back,
Haitians give me hated crack, 'cause my momma hated crack,
Til' we got evicted and I came through and done ate his ***,
Playa back, we rhyme we I live, I'm a zone 3 hustla *****z know what it is,


May we all bow our heads, and pray for this *****,
The undertakers comin any day for this *****,
They hate um' in the hood, from the dreams he been sellin',
I read the paperwork and it seems you was tellin',
You know what it is, and you know who I'm talkin' bout,
When the feds came, I didn't open up my mouth,
What you scared for?, *****z know you've been a hoe,
It was like homie, **** was all good just a week ago,
Get the goons ready start up your vehicle,
And shoot at any ****in' car you ain't seen before,
Pick up the shells, and we use an automatic,
They gave 50 years to my ***** lil' travis,
See I'm movin trap, and let um trip over the wires,
And then he'll be layin', right by the preacher and the choir,
Catch um before I do, T.I. go and handle your biz,
When you see me holler at me homie you know what it is ...


Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 King Back
  • 2 Front Back
  • 3 What You Know
  • 4 I'm Talkin’ to You
  • 5 Live in the Sky
  • 6 Ride Wit Me
  • 7 The Breakup
  • 8 Why You Wanna
  • 9 Get It
  • 10 Top Back
  • 11 I’m Straight
  • 12 Undertaker
  • 13 Stand Up Guy
  • 14 You Know Who
  • 15 Goodlife
  • 16 Hello
  • 17 Told You So
  • 18 Bankhead