I'm Hi Lyrics - T‐Pain feat. Styles P

Styles P Rappa Ternt Sanga cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-12-6
length: 4:38
Yea man, I'll smoke with you, you know what I'm saying?
I'm saying it ain't nothing you know what I'm saying it ain't **** to me
You know what I'm saying its just like I don't wanna be getting high cause that **** be looking like it be having *****s you know what I'm saying don't believe in all that yep
Nah man I think its getting tired tho man no joke for real
What you got a swisha? or that's a philly or what?
Oh that's a swisha ok I mean you know *****s rapping about swishas
and **** don't believe in all that
You know what I'm saying?
I hit it man roll it
Oh you got one?
Alright man lemme hit that ****

You can knock on my door
But ain't nobody home
I might be there
But I'm gone cause I'm stuck off a zone
I'm half baked like the guy on the couch
I don't get high on my grouch
So I puff on my line and be out
I call my roll dog pick me up
Wit weed lets hit the road dog
You blew up wit the hood rat
The **** you break the code fo!?
God damn I think that I'm high
Too much haze
But I see my ghost pass within the blink of a eye
And my ghetto *****s know how it feel
I smoke more than a building on fire
Roll more than the wheel
I get stuck like a car in the mud
And blow my greens out
And call my ***** t pain and ball us some buds
And choke till I think I'ma cry
Oh I think I'ma die
Nah dog I just think that I'm high

Sh, see I ain't ever smoke before
So I'ma take two hits and I'ma my mind away
I never thought id be getting high today(hey)
Now its on me again
So I take another pull
We in the Cadillac, floating like the ocean
Suddenly everything was moving in slow motion

So I take another hit
And try to relax
I'm beating on my chest
CJ beating on my back
Somebody help me I think I'm about to die
But I got it
I got it

So I pass the blunt and it came right back to me
But I know this smoke is still running through me
I don't think I'ma ever open my eyes
My homeboi said why?
And I said cause I'm high
Dog I think that I'm high
Dog I feel like I'm high
I really think that I'm high

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