Feed the Lions (skit) Lyrics - T‐Pain

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Release Date: 2008-11-11
length: 1:28
Now no, no, now ***** just, just sit down for a minute man
Cause I gotta get something off my chest.
You understand me?
I'm on the high wire at every night.
You understand me?
Balancing on that ***** is a ************.
You understand me?
So you know, I'm balancing on that ************
And he goin' give me you know, twos and fews, twos and fews.
Every time twos and fews
But them **********ing midgets is getting paid man, I'm telling you.
That little bitty ************
You understand me?
But this little ring leader cat
You know, I'm saying every time I sit him down I'm talking to him
I'm saying hey mayne look here, look here, can I get a raise?
You know what I'm saying?
Hows a ************ half my **********ing size getting paid more than me?
You understand me?
I'm getting half of the money and I'm taller than the ************.
**** is crazy mayne.
You know what im sayin?
The lion came out the **********ing cage? Alright?
White people sitting on the front row
Like they do.
You understand me?
One of em wanna throw some popcorn at the lion.
I knew the ************s hungry
Cause they didn't feed the ************ at the last show
You understand me?
We stopped in Kansas City, Missouri and the ************ didn't even feed the lion.
What happened?
Three ate up lil' white children.
Who he blame it on?
You understand me?
That's some bullshit!
I don't feed the animals and the high wire
That's bullshit!

Y'all better not be smoking in my **** man!

Say what?

Stop smoking in my ****ing Cadillac man!

Ain't nobody smoking in your **********ing Cadillac man!

Yes you is! *****, I see it!

I don't even know why you keep tripping on that ****!

Cause ***** that's my ****!

You understand me? It got a ashtray in the front the back the side all up in this ************

That don't mean nothing!

Why you gotta ashtray you don't want nobody smoking in the ************!

Cause I can ************!

Well why we gotta ride in the god damn Cadillac to begin wit?!
You ain't got no regular **********ing transportation for a ************?

It's a circus!

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