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The Crusaders

US jazz group

The Crüxshadows

The Crying Spell

The Crystalline Effect

The Crystal Method

The Crystals

60s US girl group

The Crystal Set

The Cucumbers

US indie rock band

The Cuff Links

late 60s rock/pop studio group

The Cult

British rock band

The Cumshots


The Cure

The Cursed

American doom metal

The Curtains

The Curtis Counce Group

The Cute Lepers

The Cuties

The Cuts

Polish electro-rock band

The Cyan Velvet Project

The Cynics

Pittsburgh garage rock revival band

The Cyrkle

The Czars

The D4

The Da Capo Players

The Dada Weatherman

The Dagger

The Dagons

The Dakotas

The Dallas Cowboys

American football team

The Dallas Guild

The Damage Manual

The Dambuilders

The Damnation of Adam Blessing

The Damn Choir

folk rock band

The Damn Crystals

Backing band for Tim Christensen

The Damned

UK punk band

The Damned and Dirty

The Damned Things

The Damnwells

The Dan Band

The Danberrys

The Dandy Warhols

The Danes

The Dangerous Summer

The Dangtrippers

The Danish Hildegard Ensemble

The Danks

The Dan Orr Project

The Danse Society

The Darcys

The Dardanelles

A Newfoundland folk group

The Daredevil Christopher Wright

The Darins

The Dark

UK punk/goth band

The Dark Clan

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

The Darkness

UK rock band

The Dark Raver

The Dark Tenor

The Darling Buds

The Darlings

US rock band

The Datsuns

The Dauntless Elite

The Dave Brubeck Octet

The Dave Brubeck Quartet

The Dave Clark Five

The Davenports

The Dave Pell Octet

The Davey Brothers

The David Grisman Quintet

The Davitts

The Dawn

Filipino band

The Dawn

Danish christian rock band

The Daydream

The Daylight Curse

The Daylights

LA indie rock band 2005-

The Daysleepers

The Days of the Trumpet Call

The Dayton Family

The dB’s

The Dead 60s

The Dead Alewives

The Deadcats

The Dead Daisies

The Deadfly Ensemble

The Deadlights

The Deadlines

The Deadly Syndrome

The Dead Milkmen

The Dead Next Door

The Dead Pets

The Dead Pirates

The Dead Rabbitts

The Dead South

The Dead Texan

The Dead Weather

The Deal

The Dean Brothers

The Deans

The Dean's List

US rap group

The Dear Hunter

The Dears

The Death Letters

The Death of Anna Karina

The Deathray Davies

The Death Set

The DeCastro Sisters

The December Drive

The Decemberists

The December People

The Decline

Australian punk band

The Deele

The Deep

1960s Philadelphia psychedelic rock

The Deep Dark Woods

The Deep Eynde

The Deep River Quartet

The Deer Tracks

The Defaced

The Defects

The Defiled

London, UK industrial metal band

The Defranco Family

The Deighton Family

The Delegates

The Delfields

The Delfonics

The Del Fuegos

The Delgados

The Delinquents

1970s Texas punk band

The Del Lords

The Dells

The Delltones

The Del McCoury Band

The Delmonas

The Deloreans

The Delphines

90s all-female rock band

The Delta

German trance group

The Delta Mirror

The Delta Rhythm Boys

vocal harmony group

The Deltas

rockabilly group

The Deltones

UK ska all-female band, 1985-1989

The Deluxtone Rockets

The Demensions

The Demonstration

The Denver Gentlemen

The Departure

The Depreciation Guild

The Derailers

The Derek Trucks Band

The Derevolutions

The Desert Sessions

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