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The Delegates

The Delfields

The Delfonics

The Del Fuegos

The Delgados

The Delinquents

1970s Texas punk band

The Del Lords

The Dells

The Delltones

The Del McCoury Band

The Delmonas

The Deloreans

The Delphines

The Delta

German trance group

The Delta Mirror

The Delta Rhythm Boys

vocal harmony group

The Deltas

rockabilly group

The Deltones

UK ska all-female band, 1985-1989

The Deltones

US group (NYC, NY?) related to Carl F. Girosoli of The Fireflies

The Deluxtone Rockets

The Demensions

The Demonstration

The Denver Gentlemen

The Departure

The Depreciation Guild

The Derailers

The Derek Trucks Band

The Derevolutions

The Desert Sessions

The Deslondes

New Orleans-based country-soul, swamp-boogie band

The Desperates

The Destiny Program

The Destro

The Detachment Kit

The Detroit Cobras

The Detroit Experiment

The Deuce Project

The Devastated

The Deviant

Norwegian black/death metal band

The Devil Dogs

The Devil Makes Three

The Devil's Anvil

The Devil’s Blood

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devin Townsend Band

The Devlins

The Devotchkas

The Devoted Few

Rock band from Sydney, Australia

The D.E.Y.

The Diableros

The Diamonds

Early 1950s/1960s Rock & Roll

The Dibidus

The Dickies

The Dicks

United States punk rock

The Dictators

The Dig

The Digital Age

The Dignity of Labour

The Dillards

The Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dils

The Dimes

The Dingees

The Dingoes

The Dining Rooms

The Dinky Toys

Belgian pop group

The Dinning Sisters

The Din Pedals

The Diodes

The Dip

The Diplomats

rap group, a.k.a. Dipset

The Dirtball

The Dirtbombs

Detroit garage rock band

The Dirty Dishes

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

The Dirty Guv’nahs

The Dirty Heads

The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The Dirtys

The Dirty Secrets

The Dirty Youth

The Disables

The Disciplines

The Disco Biscuits

The Disco Boys

The Diskettes

The Dismemberment Plan

The Disneyland Children's Sing-Along Chorus

The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

The Dissociatives

The Distants

2000's rock

The Distillers

The Districts

The Ditch

Belgian rockband

The Ditty Bops

The DIVA Jazz Orchestra

The Divine Comedy

The Divine Madness

The Divorce

The Divys

Guitarist Cliff Hritz and singer William Schru. Philadelphia synth-pop rock duo with retro new wave overtones

The Dixie Aces

The Dixie Cups

The Dixie Hummingbirds

The Dixieland Band

The Dixieland Ramblers

The Diz Disley Trio


The Dø

The D.O.C.

US rapper & N.W.A member Tracy Curry

The Doc Watson Family

The Dodos

US indie rock band

The Dodoz

The Dogma

Italian progressive/power metal band

The Dogs D’Amour

The Doll

The Dollyrots

The Dolphin Brothers

The Domino State

The Donavon Frankenreiter Band

The Donkeys

US indie rock band

The Don Marsh Orchestra

The Donnas

The Donnis Trio

The Doobie Brothers

The Dooleys

The Doors

The Dopamines

Cincinnati pop punk

The Doppelgangaz

US hip-hop group

The Double

US post rock band

The Doug Anthony Allstars

The Doughboys

New Jersey garage rock band

The Doves

early 90s UK pop rock

The Dove Shack

The Dowling Poole

The Downtown Fiction

The Down Troddence

The Draft

The Dragnews

The Dragons

US punk rock group

The Dramatics

US soul music vocal group

The Drapers

The Drawing Room

The Draytones

The Dread Crew of Oddwood

The Dreadnoughts


US singer, songwriter & RnB producer Terius Youngdell Nash

The Dream Academy

The Dreamer and the Sleeper

The Dreaming

The Dreamlovers

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