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The Everdawn

The Everly Brothers

The Evermore Escape

The Everybodyfields

The Evolutionaries

industrial rock

The Evpatoria Report

Thee Waltons

UK psychobilly

The Ex

Dutch punk band

The Exciters

The Exies

The Exit

USA pop punk

The Expendables

American reggae rock band from Santa Cruz, California

The Exploders

Australian Group

The Exploding Boy

The Exploding Hearts

The Exploited

The Exploration

The Explorers Club

South Carolina pop rock band

The Explosion

USA punk rock band

The Explosives

The Exponents

The Expressions

The Extinct

The Extra Lens

The Eye

US indie rock band

The Eyeliners

The Eyes

Spanish metal band

The Eyes

UK mod & garage rock band

The Eyes of a Traitor

The Fab Four

The Fables

The Fabulous Cats

The Fabulous Rudies

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

The Faceless

American technical death metal band

The Faces Down

The Faces of Sarah

The Fad

The Faders

pop rock

The Fading

The Fags

Detroit, MI Power-pop band

The Faint

US indie rock band

The Faintest Ideas

The Fairfield Four

The Fairlanes

The Fair Sex

The Falcon

The Fall

English post-punk group founded by Mark E. Smith

The Fall From Grace

The Fall of Every Season

The Fall of Troy

Progressive hardcore rock

The Fallout Theory

The Fallout Trust

The Family

80s R&B/Funk group, key track "Screams Of Passion"

The Family Crest

The Family Rain

The Family Ruin

The Family Stand

The Famine

The Famous Castle Jazz Band

The Fanfare Trumpeters of the Royal Military School of Music

The Fantastic Baggys

The Fantastic Four

Detroit based soul group

The Fantastic Johnny C

The Fantastic Shakers

The Faragher Brothers

The Farewell Bend

The Farm

90s UK indie/synth-pop band

The Farm

U.S. country band

The Farmlopez

The Fashion

The Fatima Mansions

The Fat Lady Sings

The Fat White Family

The Fauves

Australian rock band

The Fawns

The Features

Indie rock band from Nashville, TN

The Federal Empire

The Federation

gangsta rap

The Feelers

New Zealand

The Feelies

New Jersey post punk/rock band

The Feeling

The Feelings

The Felice Brothers

The Felix Culpa

The Fenians

The Fervor

KY Band

The Fever

USA indie band

The Feverfew

The Fevers

Brazilian group

The Few Against Many

The Field Mice

The Fiery Furnaces

The Fifth Dawn

The Fifth Estate

The Fifty

The Fight

UK pop-punk band

The Fighting Men From Crossmaglen

The Filaments

The Films

US indie pop band

The Finches

The Fine Arts Showcase

The Fine Print

The Finn Brothers

The Fire

Italian punk band

The Fireballs

USA 60s surf rock band

The Firebird Band

The Firebirds

rock 'n' roll band from Bristol

The Firebirds

german modern rock'n'roll

The Fire Engines

The Fireflies

Founded during X-Factor i Denmark

The Fireman

collab of Paul McCartney & Youth

The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem

The Fire Show

The Fire Theft

The Firm

The (in)zaney creators of "Star Trekkin'"

The Firm

hard rock supergroup

The Firm

Rap group

The First Step

The Fisherman's Friends

The Fitness

The Five Americans

The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi

The Five Blobs

The Five Fifths

The Fixx

The Flames

1960s-1970s South African/UK/US band

The Flaming Lips

The Flamingos


The Flaming Sideburns

The Flaming Stars

The Flaming Tsunamis

The Flanders

The Flashbulb

The Flashing Lights

The Flatlanders

The Flatliners

Canadian punk band

The Flatmates

The Flaw

The Fleetwoods

The Flesh Eaters

LA punk rock and rockabilly

The Fleshtones

The Flexican

The Flight of Sleipnir

The Fling

The Flipsides

The Flir

The Flirtations

60s-present R&B group

The Flirtations

90s a cappella group

The Flirts

USA pop group

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