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The Handshake Murders

The Handsome Family

The Hangdogs

The Hangmen

US rock band

The Hang Ups

The Hanks

from LA, with lead singer Josh Grondin

The Hans Staymer Band

The Happenings

The Happy Bullets

The Happy Family

The Happy Schnapps Combo

The Hard Lessons

The Hardtimes

The Hare and the Moon

The Harlem Community Choir

The Harlem Gospel Singers

The Harper Brothers

The Harry Simeone Chorale

The Hassles

The Hated

USA punk band from Maryland

The Haunted

Swedish thrash metal band

The Havoc

US punk band

The Hawks

Canadian band, backing for Ronnie Hawkins & Bob Dylan

The Head and the Heart

The Headboys

The Head Cat

The Heads

Talking Heads w/o D. Byrne

The Hearing

Finnish artist Ringa Manner

The Heart Attacks

The Heartbreakers

1970's punk band

The Heartbreaks

The Heartburns

The Heartland

US mathcore band

The Heart Strings

The Heart Throbs

The Heath Brothers

The Heavenly States

The Heavils

The Heavy

The Heavy Blinkers

The Heavy Circles

The Heavy Eyes

The Hedrons

The HeeBeeGeeBees

The Hee Haw Gospel Quartet

The Heights

known for song 'How Do You Talk to an Angel?'

The Heights

Dutch pop/rock band

The Heist

Canadian indie rock band

The Heligoats

The Helio Sequence

The Hell

The Hellacopters

Swedish rock band

The Hellblinki Sextet

The Henry Clay People

The Henry Girls

The Henry Mancini Orchestra

The Hentchmen

The Hep Stars

The Heptones

The Herbaliser

The Herd

Australian hip-hop

The Herd

UK rock/pop band

The Hereafter

The Hermitt

The Hex Bombs

The Hextalls

Pop-Punk from Kamloops, BC, Canada

The Hickey Underworld

Belgian rock band

The Hidden Cameras

The Hidden Hand

The High

U.K. vocalist

The High

English rock group

The High Court

The Higher

The High Kings

The Highliners

80s Psychobilly

The High Llamas

The High & Mighty

underground hip hop duo from Philadelphia

The High Numbers

The High Speed Scene

The High Strung

The High Violets

The Highway Beautiful

The Highwaymen

60's USA folk group

The Highwaymen

Country supergroup

The Higsons

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

The Hi‐Lo’s

The Himalayans

The Hippos

American rock band

The Hi-Risers

The Hirsch Effekt

The Hiss

The Hissyfits

The Hitchcocks

The Hitchers

The Hit Crew

soundalike artists under Drew's Entertainment

The Hit Parade

UK indie pop group

The Hives

The Hoax

UK blues rock band

The Hobos

The Hojas Secas

The Hold Steady

The Holdup

The Holidays

Sydney, Australia indie pop

The Hollies

The Holloways

The Hollow Earth Theory

The Hollyridge Strings

The Holly Singers

The Hollywood Argyles

The Hollywood Star Orchestra and Singers

The Holmes Brothers

The Holydrug Couple

The Holy Goats

The Holy Mackerel

The Holy Mess

The Holy Modal Rounders

The Holy Shroud

The Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada

The Hombres

The Home Guard

The Homens

The Hometown Band

The Hondells

The Honeybees

The Honeycombs

The Honeycutters

Americana duo Amanda Anne Platt & Peter James

The Honeydogs

The Honeydrippers

Robert Plant supergroup

The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon Killers

Belgian 70/80ties experimental rock band

The Honeyrods

The Honey Trees

The Honkers

The Honorary Title

The Honor System

The Hoochie Coochie Men

The Hoosiers

The Hooters

The Hope Blister

The Hope Conspiracy

The Horace Silver Quintet

The Hormonauts

The Horrible Crowes

Ian Perkins and Brian Fallon

The Horrorist

The Horrors

UK psychedelic/garage rock band

The Horror The Horror

Swedish band

The Horse Flies

The Hot 8 Brass Band

The Hot Club of San Francisco

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