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The Hotelier


The Hotknives

The Hot Lies

The Hot Melts

The Hot Puppies

The Hot Rats

The Hot Rod Gang

German rockabilly band

The Hot Stewards

The Hot Toddies

The Houghton Weavers

The Hourly Radio

The Hours

The House Band

The House Jacks

The Housemartins

The House of Love

The House of Usher

German goth rock band

The Howard Alden Trio

The Howard Fishman Quartet

The Howling Void

The Hub Caps

Rockabilly from Sweden

The Hudson Brothers

The Hues Corporation

The Human Abstract

The Human Beinz

The Human League

The Humblebums

The Hundred in the Hands

The Hunger

US industrial rock band

The Hungry Ghost

The Hunna

The Hunt

Canadian rock band, 1977-1984

The Hunters

Canadian Rock Band

The Hunts

Jessi, Jenni, Josh, Jonathan, Jordan, Justin, and Jamison Hunt

The Hurt Process

The Husbands

The Hush Hush

The Hush Now

The Hush Sound

The Hustle Standard

The Hype Theory

The Ian Campbell Folk Group

The Icarus Account

The Icarus Line

The Ice Choir

The Icicles

The Icicle Works

The Idea of North

The Ides of March

The Idle Race

The Idol Dead

The I Don't Cares

The Idoru

The Iguanas

New Orleans band

The Ikettes

The Illumination

The Illusion

USA Pchychedelic rock


aka Delgis Jose Mustafa Rodriguez, hip-hop artist

The Imagined Village

The Immortals

Belgian techno duo “Mortal Kombat”

The Impalas

The Imperials

Doo wop group

The Imperials

Gospel/CCM Group

The Impossibles

US ska/punk band

The Impossible Shapes

The Impressions

doo-wop, gospel, soul, and R&B American group

The Inbreds

Canadian Indie Rock band.


rap group, Murder Inc. associated

The Inchtabokatables

The Incredible Moses Leroy

The Incredible Staggers

The Incredible String Band

The Incredible Vickers Brothers

The Indelicates

The Independents

American Ska band

The Independents

American R&B vocal group

The Indians

The Infamous Stringdusters

The Infested

The Infesticons

The Infidels

The Infinity Project

Goa Trance

The Influents

The Injured List

The Ink Spots

The Inmates

British garage rock/pub rock band

The Inner Soul Clique

the innocence mission

The Innocent

80s US new wave group

The Insomniacs

US garage rock band

The Inspector Cluzo

The Insyderz

The Interbeing

The Interior Castle

The (International) Noise Conspiracy

The International Submarine Band

The Internet

Syd the Kid & Matt Martians

The Interrupters

The Intersphere

The Intrigues

The Intruders

The Invisible

UK alternative rock band

The Invisibles

Brazilian punk band

The Irises

The Irish Brigade

Irish Rebel Band from Co. Tyrone (Northern Ireland)

The Irish Ceili Band

The Irish Descendants

The Irish Front

Death metal band

The Irish Rovers

The Irish Tenors

The Iron Maidens

The Irrepressibles

The Irresistible Force

The Isaacs

The Islanders

folk band

The Isley Brothers

The I.S.P. Connection

The Itals

The Iveys

The Ivy League

60s rock

The Jacka

The Jackalopes

The Jackets

Swiss garage punk'n'roll band from Bern

The Jackie Boyz

The Jackson 5

The Jacobites

The Jaggerz

The Jags

The Jakes

US alt-rock group

The Jam

late 70s/early 80s UK punk/mod revival band

The James Hunter Six

The James Taylor Quartet

The Jane Anchor

The Jane Austen Argument

Melbourne cabaret group

The JaneDear Girls

The Japanese Popstars

The Japanese War Effort

The Javelins


The Jayhawks

The Jaynetts

The Jaz

The Jazzbastards

The Jazz Butcher

Pat Fish group

The Jazz Crusaders

The Jazz June

The Jazz Messengers

The Jazz Passengers

The Jazztet

The Jazz Three-O

The Jazztown Trio

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