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The John Morgan Orchestra

The Johnny Cash Family

The Johnny Mann Singers

The Johnny Nocturne Band

The Johnny Otis Show

The Johnnys

Australian pub rock band playing in a country music style

The John Renbourn Group

The John Schroeder Orchestra

The Johnson Mountain Boys

The Johnstones

The Jolly Boys

The Jolly Brothers

The Jolly Rogers

pirate-themed Renfair group

The Jolt

The Jones Gang

The Jones Girls

The Jon Jarvis Trio

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

The Jordanaires

The Jordans

Brazilian 60s instrumental rock

The Journeymen

American folk group

The Joy Formidable

The Joyful Company of Singers

The Joykiller

The Juan MacLean

The Judas Coven

The Judds

The Judybats

The Juggernaut Jug Band

The Juliana Hatfield Three

The Juliana Theory

The Julie Ruin

The Juliet Dagger

The Juliet Massacre

Deathcore band

The Jumpin' Joz Band

The Junction

The Junction Forty

The June Brides

The Jungle Giants

The Jungle V.I.P.s

The Junior Varsity

The Junkers

Polish oi!/punk rock/hardcore band

The Junkyard Dogs

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu

The Jams

The Just Joans

The JV Allstars

The Kabeedies

The Kagas

The Kamikaze Hearts

porch rock

The Kane Gang

The Karelia

90s Scottish rock band

The Katies

The Katinas

The Kazoo Funk Orchestra

The Kazu Matsui Project

The Keels

The Keffat Liv

The Keith Mansfield Orchestra

The Kelele Brothers

The Kelley Deal 6000

The Kells

The Kelly Family

The Keltics

The Kendalls

The Kennedys

The Kennedy Veil

The Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big Band

The Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Sextet

The Kenny Hadley Big Band

The Kentuckians

1960s-1970s bluegrass

The Kentucky Colonels

The Kentucky Headhunters

The Keynoters

The Key Sessions Quartet

The Kickdrums

The Kicks

Little Rock power pop band

The Kicks

Nashville rock band

The Kids

Norwegian Pop/Rock Band

The Kids

Belgian punk band

The Kids From Fame

The Kids of Widney High

The Kids Picks Singers

The Kiera Plan

The Kik

The Kiki Dee Band

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

The Kill

Australian grindcore

The Kill Devil Hills

The Killer and the Star

The Killer Barbies

The Killers

US rock band

The Killigans

The Killing

Argentinean death / grind

The Killingtons

The Killing Tree

The Killjoys


The Kills

The Kin

NYC/Australian indie rock duo

The Kindness Kind

The Kindred

The King

Irish Elvis impersonator

The Kingbees

80s rock band with Michael Rummans & Rex Roberts

The King Blues

The Kingcats

The King of Luxembourg

The Kingpins

ska band

The Kings

Canadian rock band

The Kingsbury Manx

The King Sisters

The Kingsmen

1960s Beat / garage rock band from Oregon, recorded "Louie Louie"

The Kingsmen Quartet

The Kingsnakes

Blues band from Syracuse, New York

The King’s Noyse

The King’s Singers

The Kingstonians

The Kingston Trio

The Kinison

The Kinks

The Kinleys

The Kissaway Trail

The Klaxon

The Kleptones

British mashup artist Eric Kleptone

The Klerks

The Klezmatics


British electronic band

The Knack

Los Angeles power pop band “My Sharona”

The Knell

The Knickerbockers

60s US rock band "Lies"

The Knife

Swedish indie electronic duo

The Knitters

The Knocks

The Knux

The Kolors

The Kominas

Taqwacore Punk band

The Konks

The Kooks

UK band

The Kooks

Swedish band

The Kordz

The Koreans

The Korgis

British pop band

The Kovenant

Norwegian black metal

The Krewmen

The Kristet Utseende

The Kry


New Wave

The Kyoto Connection

The Lacs

southern rock

The Ladies and Gentlemen

The Lads

New Zealand Christian rock/pop group

The Ladybug Transistor

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