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The Medic Droid

The Medics

Australian alternative-rock band

The Medics

Dutch indie rock band

The Meditations


The Meeting Places

The Megas

The Mekons

The Melachrino Strings

The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

The Melanesian Brotherhood


The Melismatics

The Melodians

The Melodic

The Melody


The Mel-Tones

backing group for Mel Torme

The Members

The Memorials

Hard Rock from California

The Memory Band

The Memphis Horns

The Men

Brooklyn, NY post-punk band

The Men

California-based alternative rock group

The Mendoza Line


The Men They Couldn’t Hang

The Menzingers

Theme Park

The Mercury Arc

A melodic metal core band from the Ruhr-Area, Germany.

The Mercy Cage

The Merrymakers


The Merrymen

The Merry Thoughts

German gothic rock band

The Merry Wives of Windsor

The Merseybeats

The Merton Parkas

The Messenger

The Mess Hall

The Meteors

UK psychobilly band

The Meters

The Methadones

The Metros

UK Indie Band

The Michael Gungor Band

The Micragirls

the Microphones

The Middle East

The Midnight

synthwave duo

The Midnight Beast

The Midnight Life

The Midway State

The Midwesterners

The Mighty Diamonds

The Mighty Hannibal

The Mighty Lemon Drops

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

The Mighty Nimbus

The Mighty Regis

The Mighty Sequoyah

The Mighty Tubadours

The Mighty Underdogs

The Mike Flowers Pops

The Mile After

The Milk

pop/soul band from Essex UK

The Milk Carton Kids

The Millennium

The Miller Stain Limit

The Millionaires

dutch band

The Million Dollar Quartet

The Mills

The Mills Brothers

The Mindbenders

The Mini Beats

Beatles tribute band

The Minions

UK punk rock group

The Minor Leagues

The Minor Times

The Minstrel Singers

The Minstrels of Mayhem

The Mint Juleps

1980s female vocal group

The Minus 5

The Minutes

The Miracle

Italian hardcore punk band from Milan

The Miracles

The Mire

The Mirimar Disaster

The Miserable Rich

The Missing 23rd

The Mission

Euro Pop, Ballad, Boy Band

The Mission

Gothic rock band

The Mission in Motion

The Mistletoe Strings

The Mist of Avalon

The Misunderstood

The Mitchell Brothers

The Mitchell-Ruff Duo

The Mixtures

The Mo

The Moaners

The Moaning

The Moaning Myrtles

The Mob

British anarchopunk band

The Mob Group

The Mockers

US band active 1990s-2000s

The Mockers

New Zealand new wave group active 1980s

The Mock Turtles

The Modern Age Slavery

The Modernaires

1940s vocal group

The Modern Electric

The Modern Jazz Quartet

The Modern Jazz Sextet

The Modern Lovers

1970-1974 lineup of Jonathan Richman’s band

The Moffatts

The Mohawks

The Moirai

The Moldy Peaches

The Mollies

The Moments

US R&B vocal group

The Mommyheads

The Money Pit

The Mongoloids

The Monkees

The Monkeywrench

The Monks

Sixties US group, famed for early use of feedback

The Monks

late 70s UK punk band

The Monochrome Set

The Mono Jacks

The Monolith

San Francisco indie pop band

The Monolith Deathcult

The Mono Men

US garage punk group

The Monotones

The Monotones: Cees Bergman, Aart Mol, Geertjan Hessing, Erwin van Prehn, Elmer Veerhoff

The Monroes

Norwegian pop duo

The Monsters

Swiss garage / trash / rockabilly band

The Montgolfier Brothers

The Montgomery Brothers

The Mood Elevator

The Moody Blues

The Moog

Hungarian indie rock band

The Moog Cookbook

The Moog Machine

The Moon and the Nightspirit

The Moondoggies

The Mooney Suzuki

The Moonglows

The Moorings

The Mopeds

The swedish band The Mopeds

The More Assured

The Morlocks

garage rock

The Morning After

UK Melodic Metalcore Band

The Morning After Girls

The Morning Light

The Morning Of

The Mose Allison Trio

The Moshav Band

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