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The Monkees

The Monkeywrench

The Monks

Sixties US group, famed for early use of feedback

The Monks

late 70s UK punk band

The Monochrome Set

The Mono Jacks

The Monolith

San Francisco indie pop band

The Monolith Deathcult

The Mono Men

US garage punk group

The Monotones

The Monotones: Cees Bergman, Aart Mol, Geertjan Hessing, Erwin van Prehn, Elmer Veerhoff

The Monroes

Norwegian pop duo

The Monsters

Swiss garage / trash / rockabilly band

The Montgolfier Brothers

The Montgomery Brothers

The Mood Elevator

The Moody Blues

The Moog

Hungarian indie rock band

The Moog Cookbook

The Moog Machine

The Moon and the Nightspirit

The Moondoggies

The Mooney Suzuki

The Moonglows

The Moorings

The Mopeds

The swedish band The Mopeds

The More Assured

The Morlocks

garage rock

The Morning After

UK Melodic Metalcore Band

The Morning After Girls

The Morning Light

The Morning Of

The Mose Allison Trio

The Moshav Band

The Mossie

The Mostar Diving Club

The Most Serene Republic

The Motels

The Moth

German metal band

The Mother Hips

The Mothers of Invention

The Mother Truckers

The Motifs

The Motions

Dutch 60s Band

The Motorhomes

The Motors

British pub rock band

The Mountaineering Club Orchestra

The Mountain Goats

The Mountains

The Move

British psychedelic rock

The Movement

Danish mod / rock band

The Movement

reggae rock

The Movielife

The Moving Oos

The Moving Sidewalks

The Mr. T Experience


Them Terribles

The Muddy Waters Band

The Muffs

The Muggs

The Mugwumps

mid-60's US rock band

The Mulligan Brothers

Alt-Country Artist

The Mumlers

The Mummers

The Mummies

The Muppets

Jim Henson's puppet characters

The Murder City Devils

The Murder of My Sweet

The Murmurs

The Muses

three-girl group from Asheville, NC

The Museum

The Musgraves

The Mushroom River Band

The Music

the Music Coalition

The Music Explosion

The Music Machine

60s US garage rock/psychedelic band

The Music Tapes

The Muslims

The Mutton Birds

The Mynabirds

US indie pop band

The Myriad

The Myrrors

The Mystery of the Yeti

The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight

The Mystic Moods Orchestra

The Nadas

The Nails

The Naked and Famous

The Naked Brothers Band

the nanapremes

The Narcoleptic Dancers

The Narrative

Indie Pop, Pop Rock band from Long Island, New York, USA

The Narrow

The Nash Ramblers

The Nashville Bluegrass Band

The Nashville Teens

The National

The National Bank

The National Lights

The National Military Band

The National Splits

The Nation of Ulysses

The Nat King Cole Trio

The Nat Pierce Orchestra

The Navigators

The N'Awlins Gumbo Kings

The Nazis From Mars

The 'n Betweens

The Neal Morse Band

The Nearly Deads

The Necro Tonz

The Need

The Nefilim

The Negro Problem

The Neighbourhood

indie rock, avant-garde, and alternative hip hop band

The Neon Judgement

The Neon Philharmonic

The Neon Philharmonic Orchestra

The Neptunes

US producer duo Chad Hugo & Pharrell Williams

The Nerve Agents

The Nervous Return

The Network

side project of Green Day

The Never

The Neville Brothers

The New Addiction

The New Amsterdams

The New Basement Tapes

The New Birth

The New Black

German hard rock band

The New Christy Minstrels

The New Cities

The New Classics

R&B / HIP HOP vocal Japanese unit

The New Colony Six

The New Deal

The New Division

The New Electric Sound

The New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble

The New English Rock Ensemble

The New Frontiers

The New J.B.'s

The New Lost City Ramblers

The New Low

The New Mastersounds

The New Morty Show


The New Pornographers

The New Power Generation

The New Radio Kings

The New Raemon

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