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The Professionals

UK punk band

The Project Hate MCMXCIX

The Proletariat

The Promise

The Promise Ring

The Prom Kings

The Prophecy

English doom/death metal band

The Prostitutes

The Protagonist

The Protomen

The Prototypes

UK drum&bass/dubstep artist

The Provenance

The Prowlers

Canadian punk band

The Psychedelic Ensemble

The Psychedelic Furs

The Psychic Force

The Psycho Realm

The Psyke Project

The Pubcrawlers

The Puddle Jumpers

The Pumps

Canadian rock band

The Punkles

The Puppini Sisters

The Purple Hearts

UK mod band

The Purrs

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pusher

The Push Stars

The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycats

Norwegian 60s band

The Putrid Flowers

The Pyrates Royale

The Qemists

The Quakes

US psychobilly band

The Quantic Soul Orchestra

The Quarrymen

British group that evolved into The Beatles

The Queen Killing Kings

The Queen’s Six

The Queenstons


The Queers

The Quick

disco synth pop

The Quick and the Dead

This is an emo band from the mid 2000's

The Quick Brown Fox


The QuietNights Orchestra

The Quill

The Quireboys

The Rabbit Joint

The Rabble

New Zealand rock band

The Raconteurs

in Australia known as The Saboteurs

The Radha Kṛṣṇa Temple


The Radiacs

The Radiators

Australian rock band

The Radiators

USA rock band

The Radicts

The Radio

Irish indie rock band

The Radioactive Chicken Heads

The Radio Dept.

The Radios

Belgian 80/90ties pop group

The Rage

The RAH Band

The Railway Children

UK band from Manchester

The Rain

Finnish Hard Rock Gospel Band

The Rain

Indonesian pop band

The Rain

German Indie Rock Band

The Raincoats

The Raindrops

60s US vocal pop group

The Rainmakers

US rock band

The Rainy Daze

The Rakes

UK indie rock band

The Raleigh Ringers

The Ralph Sharon Trio

The Ramblers

Dutch jazz group, played with Coleman Hawkins et al.

The Rambling Wheels

Swiss rock band

The Rambos

US Gospel group 1964-1979

The Ramsey Lewis Trio

The Rance Allen Group

The Ranch

The Randies

The Rankin Family

The Raphaels

The Rapids

Psychobilly band

The Rapiers

Therapie TAXI

French rock group


The Rapsody

hip hop fusion concept project

The Rapture

NYC band, since 1998


Irish alternative metal band

The Rascals

US soul & rock group, formerly known as The Young Rascals

The Rascals

British indie rock band

The Raskal

The Rasmus

Finnish rock band

The Rationals

Band from Ann Arbor, MI (A² records)

The Rat Pack

Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

The Rattles

The Raven

Turkish metal band

The Ravenous

US death metal band

The Raveonettes

The Ray Brown Trio

The Ray Bryant Combo

The Ray Charles Singers

The Ray Conniff Singers

The Ray Gelato Giants

The Razorblade Dolls

The Ready Set

The Real ABBA Gold

The Real Booty Babes

The Real Group

The Real Kids

The Real McKenzies

The Real Milli Vanilli

The Real People

The Real Roxanne

The Real Thing

British soul group formed in the 1970s

The Real Tuesday Weld

The Reason

Canadian punk rock band

The Reasoning

The Rebel Spell

The Rebirth

00s US-based 7-piece funk/soul group

The Receiving End of Sirens

The Record Company

The Records

UK power pop band

The Red Budd Gospel Choir

The Red Button

The Red Chord

The Red Clay Ramblers

The Red Death

The Red Devils

US blues-rock, 1980s/90s

The Reddings

The Redemption Song

The Red Garland Quintet

The Red Hot Valentines

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

The Red Krayola

The Red Light Sting

The Red Norvo Trio

The Red Onion Jazz Band

The Red Paintings

The Reds

band formed in 1977 by Rick Shaffer & Bruce Cohen.

The Red Scare

The Red Shore

The Redskins

The Red Squares

UK 60s pop group based in Denmark

The Red Stripe Ebony Steelband


The Red Thread

The Redwalls

The Reegs

The Reels

The Reflections

60's soul group

Therefore I Am

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