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The Records

UK power pop band

The Red Budd Gospel Choir

The Red Button

The Red Chord

The Red Clay Ramblers

The Red Death

The Red Devils

US blues-rock, 1980s/90s

The Reddings

The Redemption Song

The Red Garland Quintet

The Red Hot Valentines

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

The Red Krayola

The Red Light Sting

The Red Norvo Trio

The Red Onion Jazz Band


The Red Paintings

The Reds

band formed in 1977 by Rick Shaffer & Bruce Cohen.

The Red Scare

The Red Shore

The Redskins

The Red Squares

UK 60s pop group based in Denmark

The Red Stripe Ebony Steelband


The Red Thread

The Redwalls

The Reegs

The Reels

The Reflections

60's soul group

Therefore I Am

There for Tomorrow

The Refrescos

The Refreshments

'90's rock band from Tempe, AZ featuring Roger Clyne

The Refreshments

Swedish rock band

The Refugees

Trio consisting of Cindy Bullens, Deborah Holland, and Wendy Waldman

The Regime

US hip hop group created in 1997

The Regiment

US hip hop duo OSI & IseQold

The Reign of Kindo

The Reindeer Section

The Reivers

The Relativez

The Remains

60s rock group from Boston, MA

The Rembrandts

The Remnants

released Songs From the Hell Hole

The Remus Lupins

The Renaissance Players

Australian early music music ensemble, founded by Winsome Evans.

The Renegades

60s UK band

The Rentals

US rock band

The Replacements

The Republic of Wolves

The Republic Tigers

The Reputation

Theresa Andersson

Theresa Sokyrka

The Rescues


Swedish euro house artist Eva Therese Grankvist

The Research

The Residents

avantgarde experimental group

The Resistance

Swedish metal band

The Restarts

UK punk band

The Resurrection Singers

The Retrosic

The Reunion Show

American pop-punk band

The Revelations

hip hop group

The Revelators

Australian, Joe Camilleri side project

The Revelers

US singing quintet, occ. credited as The Revellers

The Revels

50s/60s American instrumental rock band

The Revenge Project

Melodic Black/Death Metal

The Reverb Junkie

The Revere

US band

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

The Revillos

The Revivalists

The Revolution

founded by Prince

The Revolution Smile

The Revolvers

The Revolving Paint Dream

There Will Be Fireworks

The Rezillos


The RH Factor

The Rhythm Orchids


The Richard Adams Quartet

NZ jazz quartet

The Richard Smallwood Singers

The Richter Scales

The Ricochets


The Rides

The Riffs

US rock and roll and punk band from Portland, Oregon

The Riffs

UK ska band

The Rifles

English indie rock band

The Right Brothers

The Righteous Brothers

The Right Ons

Spanish alternative rock band

The Ring



Swedish symphonic metal band

The Riot Before

The Rip Chords

The Riplets

The Rippingtons

The Riptides

Canadian punk band

The Rise

The Rise of Science

The Rising

The Rising Rocket

The Ritchie Family

The Ritual Aura

The Ritz

The Rival Mob

The River

UK doom metal band

The Riverboat Gamblers

The River Phoenix

Danish indie rock band

The Rivieras

60s US garage rock band

The Rivingtons

Thermal and a Quarter


Mexican punk band


Swedish electronic

The Road

Finnish rock band

The Road Hammers

The Robert Cray Band

The Robertsons

The Robies

The Robocop Kraus

The Robot Ate Me

The Robots

The Robustos

The Roches

The Rock Anthem Orchestra

The Rock*A*Teens

US indie rock band from Cabbagetown, Atlanta, Georgia

The Rocket

UK indie rock

The Rocketboys

Texas Indie band

The Rockets

USA rock band from Detroit

The Rockets

USA garage band pre-Crazy Horse

The Rocket Summer

The Rockfords

The Rocking Horse Winner

Florida indie rock/emo band

The Rock Steady Crew

The Rocky Athas Group

The Roc Project

The Rodeo

French female singer, Dorothée Hannequin

The Rodeo Idiot Engine

The Rods

The Roger Wagner Chorale

The Rogue Apostrophes

The Rogue Element

house music

The Rogues

The Roland Kirk Quartet

The Rolling Stones

The Rolls

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