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The Rising Rocket

The Ritchie Family

The Ritual Aura

The Ritz

The Rival Mob

The River

UK doom metal band

The Riverboat Gamblers

The River Phoenix

The Rivieras

60s US garage rock band

The Rivingtons

Thermal and a Quarter


Mexican punk band


Swedish electronic

The Road

Finnish rock band

The Road Hammers

The Robert Cray Band

The Robertsons

The Robies

The Robins

The Robocop Kraus

The Robot Ate Me

The Robots

The Robustos

The Roches

The Rock Anthem Orchestra

The Rock*A*Teens

The Rocketboys

Texas Indie band

The Rockets

USA garage band pre-Crazy Horse

The Rockets

USA rock band from Detroit

The Rocket Summer

The Rockfords

The Rocking Horse Winner

The Rock Steady Crew

The Rocky Athas Group

The Roc Project

The Rodeo Idiot Engine

The Rods

The Roger Wagner Chorale

The Rogue Apostrophes

The Rogue Element

house music

The Rogues

The Rolling Stones

The Rolls

The Romanovs

The Romantics

US new wave band

The Romany Rye

The Ronettes

The Rooftop Singers


The Roots

seminal hip hop group

The Ropes

synth pop

The Rosebuds

The Rosedales

The Rose Garden

The Rose Line

The Rosemarys

The Rosenbergs

The Rosenberg Trio

The Rosewood Thieves

The Rossington Collins Band

The Rotted

The Roulettes

The Royal Arch Blaspheme

The Royal Artillery Band

The Royal Concept

The Royalettes

The Royal Guardsmen

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

The Royal We

Glaswegian indie band

The Rubberbandits

The Rubens

Indie Rock – NSW, Australia

The Rubettes

The Rubinoos

The Ruby Suns

The Rubyz

The Ruckazoid

The Rude Boys

Cardiff ska band, feat. Roddy Moreno from The Oppressed

The Rudies

The Rudiments

The Rugburns

The Ruins of Beverast

The Rumble Strips

The Rumjacks

The Rumour

The Rumours


The Rumour Said Fire

The Runaways

all girl rock group

The Ruppes

The Rural Alberta Advantage

The Ruse

The Russian Futurists

The Rutles

The Ruts

The Sabras

Israeli-American rock'n'roll band from New York, late 60's

The Sacados

The Sacred Mushroom

Local Cincinnati band led by Larry Goshorn who went on to play for Pure Prairie League. Released on CD in 2001

The Saddest Landscape

The Saddle Club

The Sadies

The Safety Fire

The Sahotas

The Sainte Catherines

The Saints

73- Australian rock band

The Salads

The Sallyangie

The Salovers

The Salsoul Orchestra

The Salteens

The Salty Dogs

The Salvation Army New Zealand

The Samples

USA Jam Band

The Samuel Jackson Five

The Sand Band

The Sand Collector

The Sandmen

Danish rock group

The Sandpipers

1960s folk rock

The Sandsacks

The Santa Barbara Quire of Voyces

The Sapphires

60s US motown pop ensemble

The Saps

The Sarcophagus

Black metal band from Turkey

The Saturday Night Experience

The Saturday People

The Saturdays

The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra

The Savage Rose

The Saw Doctors

The Sawtooth Grin

The Scabs

Belgian rock band

The Scabs

USA funk band, were known as Ugly Americans

The Scaffold

The Scaries

The Scarring Party

The Scene

Dutch rock band

The Scene Aesthetic

The Scenic

The Schoenberg Automaton

The Scholars

american band

The School

Welsh pop band

The Scientists

post-punk band from Perth, Australia

The Scientists of Modern Music

The Scofflaws

The Score

Eddie Anthony & Edan Dover

The Scorpions

60's UK band

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

The Scot Richard Case

The Scourger

The Scream

US hard rock band

The Screaming Blue Messiahs

The Screaming Jets

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