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The Script

The Scumfrog

The Scumfucs

The Sea and Cake

The Seabellies

The Sea Hags

The Seahorses

The Seal Cub Clubbing Club

These Animal Men

The Sea Nymphs

The Search

indie pop

The Searchers

These Are They

These Arms Are Snakes

The Seasons

Indie band from Quebec

The Sea Urchins

The Secret

Italy, Trieste, experimental dark crust/grindcore/metal

The Secret Handshake

The Secret History

The Secret Love Parade

The Secret Meeting

The Secret Show

The Secret Sisters

The Secret Society

The Secret Stars

The Section Quartet

The Seeds

Los Angeles garage rock band

The Seedy Arkhestra

The Seedy Seeds

The Seekers

Australian pop quartet

The Seeking

The Seer

German folk rock group

The Seers

These Five Down

These Green Eyes

These Hearts

These Immortal Souls

These Kids Wear Crowns

The Seldom Scene

The Selecter

The Senate

60s Scottish soul band

The Send

These New Puritans

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

The Sensational Nightingales

gospel quartet

The Sentinals

The September When

The Sequence

Female old school hip hop/funk trio

The Series

The Servant


These Trails

The Setup

Belgian hardcore/punk band

These United States

The Sewergrooves

The Sewer Rats

The Shadowboxers

The Shadows

British pop/rock band that once backed Cliff Richard

The Shadows of Knight

The Shadow Theory

The Shaggs

US all-female rock and outsider music band

The Shakes

The Shaky Hands

US rock'n'roll band

The Shamen

The Shanes

folk rock

The Shanghai Restoration Project

The Shanklin Freak Show

The Shanners

The Shapeshifters

UK electronic group, aka Shape:UK, and Shapeshifters

The Sharks

UK psychobilly

The Sharp

The Shavers

The Sheepdogs

Canadian rock and roll band

The Sheer

The Sheila Divine

The Shell Corporation

The Sherrys

The Shin

The Shining

English alternative rock band formed in 2000

The Shins

The Shirelles

The Shires

UK country duo

The Shirts

The Shivering

The Shivers

NY indie band

The Shizit

The Shocker

US punk band

The Shocks

The Shoes

Dutch band

The Shoes

French electronic duo

The Shondes

The Shoppings

The Shortwave Set

The Shot

The Shouting Matches

The Showcase Showdown

The Showdown

The Shrine

The Shroud

US rock/electronic band

The Shuffle Demons

The Shutdowns

The Shys

The Sicilians

The Sick Lipstick

The Siddeleys

The Sidekicks

Indie band from Columbus, Ohio

The Sighs

The Sights

The Sign of the Southern Cross

The Silence

The Silencers

Scottish rock band

The Silent Comedy

The Silents

The Silent Type

Six-piece indie/folk/orchestral rock band from Richmond, VA

The Silent Years

The Silhouettes

US doo wop/R&B group "Get a Job"

The Silk Demise

The Silkie

The Silos

The Silver Hearts

The Silver Seas

The Silver Shine


The Silvertones

reggae group

The Similou

The Sinatra Family

The Sinceros

The Singers

Minnesota Choral Artists

The Singers Unlimited

The Singing Loins

The Singles

Detroit indie rock band

The Singletons

Gospel band from Detroit

The Sinners

Swedish garage rock band

The Sins of Thy Beloved

The Sirens

The Sir Finks

The Sisterhood

The Sisters of Mercy side-project

The Sisters of Mercy

The Six Parts Seven

The Ska-Dows

The Skatalites

The Skatoons

The Skeptix

UK punk band

The Skies of America

The Skints

The Skoidats

The Skygreen Leopards

The Skyliners

US doo-wop group

The Slackers

The Slack Republic

The Slants

Asian-American "Chinatown Dance Rock" group

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