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The Southland

The Southland Stingers

The Soviettes

The Space Brothers

The Space Lady

The Spaceshots

The Spaniels

The Speakers

Colombian band

The Speaks

The Special A.K.A.

The Special Goodness

The Specials

ska band

The Spectacle

The Speed of Sound in Seawater

The Speers

The Spektrum

The Spencer Davis Group

The Spherical Minds

The Spill Canvas

The Spin

The Spinanes

The Spinners

US R&B/soul group, aka The Detroit Spinners

The Spinners

UK folk group

The Spinto Band

The Spirit of Versailles

The Spirit That Guides Us

The Spitfire Band

The Spitfires

Dutch Folk Band with lead singer Hein Michelbrink

The Spits

The Spleen

The Spongetones

The Spook

The Spookshow

The Sports

Australian rock group

The Spotnicks

The Springfields

English 60's folk trio with Dusty Springfield

The Spring Standards

The Spudmonsters

The Squirrels


The Stack

The Stampeders

rock, Canada

The Stand

The Standells

The Stands

The Stanfields

The Stanley Brothers

The Staple Singers

The Stargazers

1980s UK rock'n'roll group

The Star Killers

The Starlite Orchestra & Singers

Madacy artists

The Starseeds

The Star Spangles


Los Angeles alternative rock band

The Starting Line

The State of Samuel

The Static Age

The Static Jacks

The Statler Brothers

The Status

The Staves

UK folk rock trio

The Steal

The Steampacket

The SteelDrivers

The Steeles

Southern gospel family group lead by Jeff and Sherry Steele

The Steelwells

The Steepwater Band

The Steinways

The Stems

The Stepkids

The Step Kings

The Stereo

00s pop-rock band

The Stereophones

The Stereotypes

UK powerpop band

The Sterns

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians

The Stick Men

The Stills

Montreal indie rock band

The Stills–Young Band

The Stitches

USA punk band from California

The Stolen Sweets

The Stone

black metal

The Stone Coyotes

The Stone Foxes

The Stoneleigh Band

The Stone Poneys

The Stone Roses

The Stooges

The Stool Pigeons

The Storm

90s US hard rock band

The Storm

Danish rock band

The Stormrider

The Stormwater Boys

Paul Kelly & The Stormwater Boys

The Story

English psychedelic duo

The Story

90s US folk-rock group

The Storys

country from Wales, UK

The Story So Far

Pop punk band from Walnut Creek, CA

The Storyteller

Swedish metal band

The Stowaways

US garage rock

The Stranded

The Strange

Chris Eckman & The Bambi Molesters

The Strange Boys

The Strange Death of Liberal England

The Strange Familiar

The Strangeloves

The Strangers

Merle Haggard's longtime band

The Strange Tones

The Stranglers

The Stray Birds

The Stray Bullets

USA punk band

The Strays

The Streets

Mike Skinner

The Strike

USA punk/mod band

The String Cheese Incident

The Strings of Paris

The Stripes

German pop/punk band

The Strokes

The Strumbellas

The Struts

UK rock band

The Stryder

The Strypes

The Stunned Guys

The Stunning

The Stupid Stupid Henchmen

The Style Council

The Styles

Italian rock band

The Stylistics

The Subdudes

The Subhumans

Canadian punk band

The Submarines

L.A. indie pop band

The Subs

Belgian electro band

The Subtle Way

The Suburbs

Minneapolis alternative punk rock/funk/new wave band

The Subways

The Sudden Passion

The Sugarcubes

The Sugarhill Gang

The Sugarplastic

The Sugars

The Suicide File

The Suicide Machines

The Suicide Twins

The Suit

The Summer Obsession

The Summer Set

The Sun


The Sun

US indie rock/pop band

The Sun and the Moon

The Sunclub

The Sundance Kids

Adelaide melodic pop-rock quintet

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