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The Tongue

The Tonight Show Band


The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza

The Tony Rice Unit

The Tony Rich Project

The Tony Williams Lifetime

The Top Cats

British rockabilly trio

The Tories

The Tornadoes

US surf rock band

The Tornados

1960s UK instrumental group

The Torquays

The Tossers

The Toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum

The Tough Alliance

The Tourists

pre-Eurythmics band

The Town Pants

The Toy Dolls

The Toyes

The Toys

'60s US pop girl group

The T.P. Mobb

The Traceelords

The Tractors

The Traditionist

The Tragically Hip

The Trammps

The Trampolines

The Transit War

The Trashmen

The Travellers

Brazilian country rock band from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande Do Sul

The Travelling Band

The Treacherous Three

The Treatment

UK rock band

The Treble Spankers

The Tree Ring


The Tremeloes

The Trews

The Triangles

The Tribe

UK christian R&B/pop, renamed from World Wide Message Tribe

The Tribe

Minneapolis hip-hop act

The Tri-City Singers

The Triffids

Australian rock band

The Triplets

The Trishas

The Troggs

The Trojans

UK ska group

The Trouble With Templeton

The Trucks

US electronic rock band

The Tryout

The Trypes

The Tuberkuloited

The Tubes

The Tuesdays

The Tuna Helpers

The Tunics


The Turning

The Turtles

late 60s US rock band

The Twang

German country music band

The Twang

UK Indie band

The Tweenies

The Twilight Hours

Former Trip Shakespeare members reunite.

The Twilight Sad

The Twilight Singers

The Twinkle Brothers

The Twins

German Synth-Pop band from Berlin

The Twisted Minds

French pop-rock band

The Two

French indie pop duo Ara Starck & David Jarre

The Tyde

Los Angeles indie rock band

The Tymes


Belgian Pagan/Black Metal

The Ugly Ducklings

60's Punk

The Uglysuit

The Ukrainians

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

The U.N.

Cam'ron & Vado

The Unband

The Unborn


The Uncle Devil Show

The Uncluded

Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson

The Undead

USA punk band from New Jersey, vocalist Bobby Steele

The Underachievers

US rap group

The Underdog Project

German-Belgian dance group

The Underground Youth

The Undertones

a cappella group from Notre Dame University

The Undertones

Northern Irish punk rock band

The Undertow

Mark Seymour and The Undertow

The Underwater

US alt rock band

The Underwolves

The Undeserving

The Undisputed Truth

The Unfinished Sympathy

The Unguided

The Unicorns

The Unifics

soul group

The Uninvited

The Union

UK rock band

The Union

Gospel & Soul group

The Union Underground

The Uniques

American rock band

The Unisex

The United States Air Force Band and Singing Sergeants

The United States of America

American psychedelic rock band

The Unknownn

The band, not the remixes!

The Unlovables

The Unquiet Void

The Unseen

American street punk band

The Unseen Guest

Theuns Jordaan

The Unthanks

The Untouchables

mid 80s US ska/mod revival band

The Unwinding Hours

The Upbeats

New Zealand drum n bass duo

The Upper Crust

The Upper Room

The Upsetters

Lee Perry's reggae house band

The Upstairs

The Urbane

The Urge

The Used

The V

The Vacation

Los Angeles rock band

The Vaccines

British indie rock band

The Vad Vuc

The Vagabonds

20s/30s US comedy swing quartet

The Valves

Christchurch, New Zealand rock band

The Vamps

UK boy band

The Vandals

US punk rock band

The Vanguard

D’Angelo backing band

The Vanished

The Vanishing

The Vanity Project

Steven Page side-project

The Van Jets

Belgian indierock

The Van Pelt

The Vapids

Punk from Burlinigton/Hamilton Ontario, Canada

The Vapors

The Vard Sisters

The Varukers

UK punk band

The Vasco Era

The Vaselines

The Vaughan Brothers

The Veer Union

The Veil

UK goth band

The Veils

The Velvet Monkeys

The Velvet Teen

The Velvet Underground

Lou Reed’s seminal rock band

The Vendetta

Italian hardcore band

The Venetia Fair

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