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Theuns Jordaan

The Unthanks

The Untouchables

mid 80s US ska/mod revival band

The Unwinding Hours

The Upbeats

New Zealand drum n bass duo

The Upper Crust

The Upper Room

The Upsetters

Lee Perry's reggae house band

The Upstairs

The Urbane

The Urge

US alternative rock band

The Used

The V

The Vacation

Los Angeles rock band

The Vaccines

British indie rock band

The Vad Vuc

The Vagabonds

20s/30s US comedy swing quartet

The Valves

Christchurch, New Zealand rock band

The Vamps

UK boy band

The Vandals

US punk rock band

The Vanguard

D’Angelo backing band

The Vanished

The Vanishing

The Vanity Project

Steven Page side-project

The Van Jets

Belgian indierock

The Van Pelt

The Vapids

Punk from Burlinigton/Hamilton Ontario, Canada

The Vapors

The Vard Sisters

The Varukers

UK punk band

The Vasco Era

The Vaselines

The Vaughan Brothers

The Veer Union

The Veil

UK goth band

The Veils

The Velvet Monkeys

The Velvet Teen

The Velvet Underground

Lou Reed’s seminal rock band

The Vendetta

Italian hardcore band

The Venetia Fair

The Venopian Solitude

The Ventilators

The Ventures

The Verdict

The Verlaines

The Veronicas

The Verve

The Verve Pipe

The Very Best

The Very End

Groove Metal from Germany

The Very Sexuals

The Vespers

The Vestibules

The Vibrators

UK punk band

The Viceroys

Jamaican reggae vocal group

The Vicious

The Vicious Five

The Victim Party

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club

The Victor Ship

The Victory Year

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra

Alfred Scholz related

The View

Scottish indie rock band

The V.I.M.s

The Vincent Black Shadow

Canadian alternative rock band

The Vindictives

The Vines

Australian alternative rock band

The Vintage Caravan

The Vinyl Skyway

The Violent Husbands

The Violent Reactions

The Violet Burning

The Violet Hour

Early 90s prog/goth/folk band

The Viper

hardcore DJ

The Virgin

Indonesian Duo

The Virginia Gentlemen

University of Virginia Acappella Group

The Virginmarys

The Virgins

indie trio from Brooklyn

The Virus

Philadelphia punk band

The Viscounts

The Vision Bleak

The Vivos

The Vocal Majority

The Vocal Union

The Vogues

US vocal group

The Vogues

sound‐alike to the real Vogues

The Void Pacific Choir

The Voids

USA punk band

The Voluntary Butler Scheme

The Von Bondies

The von Trapps

Great grandchildren of Captain and Maria von Trapp from the Sound of Music

The Voodoo Trombone Quartet

The Voom Blooms

The Voyces

The V-Roys

The Wackers

The Waffle Stompers

The Wages of Sin

The Waifs

The Wailers

’60s – ’70s Jamaican Reggae band of Wailer, Marley & Tosh

The Wailers

seminal 50s-60s Tacoma instrumental garage rock

The Wailin’ Jennys

The Wainwright Sisters

The Waiting

The Waitresses

The Wake

Finnish death metal band

The Wake

USA goth band

The Wake

Scottish indie band

The Wake Effect

The Waking Eyes

The Waking Hours

The Walk

The Walkabouts

The Walker Brothers

60s/70s pop band

The Walkers

The Walkmen

NY indie rock/post punk band

The Wallace Collection

brass ensemble

The Wallflowers

US rock band fronted by Jakob Dylan

The Walls

Irish rock band

The Walls Group

The Wallstones

The Walter Norris Duo

The Walter Wanderley Trio

The Waltons

German band

The Waltons

Canadian band

The Wandering Eyes

Country super-group of Austin pickers

The Wandering Midget

The Wannadies

The Want

The Wanted

English-Irish pop boy band

The Wanteds

The Ward Brothers

The Warlocks

US rock band

The War on Drugs

The Warren Brothers

The Warren Vaché Quintet

The Warriors

UK punk/oi band

The Warriors

Hardcore band

The Washboard Union

The Washington Guitar Quintet

The Washington Projects

The Watch

Italian prog rock band

The Watchmen

Canadian rock band

The Waterboys


The Watersons

The Watson Brothers


The Watson Twins

The Wave Pictures

The Waybacks

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