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The Wayfaring Strangers

bluegrass / Jazz from Boston / NYC

The Weakerthans

The Weaks

The Wealthy West

The Weary Boys

The Weather Girls

The Weather Machines

The Weavers

The Webb Brothers

Chicago Rock Band

The Webb Sisters

The Wedding

US Christian rock band

The Wedding Present

The Weekend

Canadian pop/rock band

The Weeknd

Canadian R&B singer

The Weeks

The Weepies

The Welcome Wagon

The Wellingtons

Australian power pop band

The Wesley Willis Fiasco

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

The Western States Motel

The Westwind Ensemble

The Wet Secrets

The Wet Spots

The Whacking Shillelaghs

The Whatnauts

The Wheat Pool

The Wheel Workers

The Whiffenpoofs

Yale A Capella

The Whigs

The Whiles

The Whip

UK electronic dance-rock band

The Whiskers

The Whispers

US R&B/dance vocal group

The Whistlepigs String Band

The White Birch

The White Buffalo

Jake Smith americana project

The White Noise

Californian metal band

The White Octave

The White Panda

The White Room

The Whites

The Whitest Boy Alive

The White Stripes

The White Tie Affair

The Whitfield Company

The Whitlams

The Whitstein Brothers

The Whitsundays

The Who

The Whomping Willows

The Whores of Babylon

The WhoRidas

The Why Store

The Wicked

The Wicklows

The Wiggles

The Wilburn Brothers

The Wild

The Wildabouts

backing band for Scott Weiland

The Wildbirds

The Wilderness of Manitoba

The Wildest

The Wild Feathers

The Wildhearts

The Wild Magnolias

The Wild Swans

The Wilkinsons

The William Blakes

The Williams Brothers

vocal quartet comprised of Bob, Don, Dick and Andy Williams

The Williams Brothers

The Williams Singers

The Willis Brothers

The Willow and the Builder

The Willowz

The Wilsons

Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys) and daughters

The Winans

The Wind and The Wave

The Windmills

English pop-rock band

The Wind Whistles

The Winery Dogs

The Winners

1980s–90s German pop group

The Winnie Coopers

The Winstons

60s US funk & soul group

The Winter Sounds

The Winyls

The Wiseguys

’90s British electronic duo

The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Well

Australian band

The Wiyos

The Wizards

aka.: comedy troupe Mail Order Comedy

The Wizards From Kansas

The Woggles

The Wohlstandskinder

The Wolf Banes

Belgian band

The Wolfgang Press

The Wolves of Avalon

The Wombats

UK indie rock band

The Wombles

1970s fictional characters

The Women of Faith Worship Team

The Wonderful Grand Band

The Wonder Stuff

UK alternative rock band

The Wonder Years

The Wood Brothers

US folk, Oliver and Chris

The Wooden Birds

The Wooden Sky

The Woodentops

The Woodlands

Hannah and Samuel Robinson

The Woods

Gospel group from the Baltimore, MD area

The Woods Band

70s Irish band (Terry and Gay Woods)

The Woolpackers

The Word Alive

The Work

The Workday Release

The Workhorse Movement

The Working Title

The Works

The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die

The World’s Famous Supreme Team

The World We Knew

The World Wide Message Tribe

The Worthless

The Wounded

The Wounded Kings

The Wreckers

The Wrecking

The Wrens

indie rock band

The Wretched End

The Wretched Ones

The Wrong Side

The W's

The Wurzels

The Wynn Brothers Band

The Wynton Kelly Trio

The Wyrd Sisters

The Wytches

Brighton based 'surf-doom' band

The Xcerts

The xx

London UK three-piece

The XYZ Affair

The Yankee Dollar

The Yardbirds

The Yawpers

The Yayhoos

They Came Burning

The Yeah You's

The Yearning

The Years Gone By

They Eat Their Own

The Yellow Balloon

They Might Be Giants

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