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The Amazing Rhythm Aces

The Amazing Stroopwafels

The Ambassador

christian rapper

The Ambassadors

late 60's US soul group

The Amber Light

The Ambition

The Amboy Dukes

US rock band with Ted Nugent

The Amenta

Australian metal band, originally "Crucible of Agony"

The American Analog Set

The American Breed

The American Life

The American Scene

The American Wake

The Ames Brothers

The Amity Affliction

The Amphetameanies

the Amphetameanies are often shortened to the 'Meanies

The Amplifetes

The Amps

The Amsterdams

The Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet

Thea Musgrave

The Analogs

The Ananda Project

The Andrea True Connection

The André Previn Trio

The Andrews Sisters

The Androids

Australian band

The Angelic Process

The Angels

Australian rock band, known internationally as Angel City

The Angels

60’s girl group, best known for “My Boyfriend’s Back”

The Animalhouse

The Animal in Me

The Animals

'60s "British invasion" group

The Animen

The Anita Kerr Quartet

The Anix

The Anniversary

The Annoyed

punk band

The Annoying Orange

The Anonymous

members: Vesuvio, Able, Zinndeadly, DJ Drez

The Answer

UK rock band

The Answering Machine

The Anti Doctrine

The Antlers

The Anzic Orchestra

The Apache Relay

The Apaches

The Apartments

The Apathy Eulogy

The Apers

The Apex Theory

The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra

The Apparitions

The Appearance

The Applejacks

’60 UK pop group

The Appleseed Cast

Lawrence, Kansas indie rock band

The Apples in Stereo

The Aquabats!

The Aquamen

The Arcane Order

Denmark, Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble

The Arch

Belgian New Wave / EBM

The Archies

The Arcitype

The Arcs

US rock band, led by Dan Auerbach

The Arian Band

Persian Pop Band

The Ark

Swedish glam rock band

The Arkhams

The Arkitecht

Mexican one-man band created by Genaro Ochoa

The Armada

Irish rock band

The Armada

The Armoury Show

The Arrivals

The Arrogants

The Arrogant Sons of Bitches

The Arrogant Worms

The Arrows

Durban, South Africa band

The Arrows

80s Canadian new wave band

The Arrs

The Arson Project

Swedish grindcore

The Artifact

The Artistics

The Artwoods

The Arusha Accord

The Asbestos

The Ascendicate

The Ascetic Junkies

The Ashtray Hearts

The Assassinators

The Assistant

The Associates

Scottish rock band featuring Billy MacKenzie and Alan Rankine

The Association

US sunshine pop group

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

The Aston Shuffle

The Astronauts

USA surf band

The Astronauts

punk band

The Astro Zombies

The Ataris

US pop/punk band

The A-Team

LA, US underground hip hop duo Aceyalone & Abstract Rude

The Atlas Moth

The Atomica Project

The Atomic Bees

Diego Leanza & Gianmatteo Matullo

The Atomic Bitchwax

The Atomic Fireballs

Theatre of Hate

Theatre of Ice


Theatre of Tragedy

Theatres des Vampires

The Attic

Swedish electro artists

The Attractions

Elvis Costello

The Audible Campaign


The Audition

Chicago pop/punk band

The Audreys

The Aurora Project

The Aussie Bush Band

The Australian Voices

The Austrasian Goat

The Auteurs

The Automatic

The Autumn Defense

The Autumn Film

The Autumn Offering

The Autumns

The Avalanches

Australian electronic music group

The Avalanches

60's exploitation surf rock

The Avalon Orchestra

The Avant Gardeners

The Avener

The Avett Brothers

The Awakening

goth, South Africa

The Awkward Stage

The Axis of Awesome

The Axis of Perdition

The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation

The Azoic

The B‐52s

The Babies

Croatian rock band

The Babies

NYC indie rock band

The Baboons

Belgian rockabilly

The Baboon Show

The Baby Namboos

The Babys

late 70s UK rock/pop group

The Babysitters Circus

The Bachelors

The Backyardigans

The Bacon Brothers

The Bad Boy Family

The Bad Chapter

The Bad Examples

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