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The Badlees

The Badloves

The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza

Philadelphia, PA metal/shock rock

The Bad Plus

The Bad Shepherds

The Baggios

Brazilian rock duo

The Bags

Group from Boston, USA

The Balancing Act

The Balconies

The Balfa Brothers

The Ballet

The Ballroom Band

The Ballroom Thieves

The Baltimore Consort

The Bamboos

Melbourne funk band

The Bananas

The Band

roots rock band

The Band From Rockall

The Bandgeek Mafia


The Bandits

Norwegian band

The Band of Heathens

The Band of Holy Joy

The Band of the Welsh Guards

The Band Perry


The Bangkok Five

The Bangles

The Banjo Kings

The Bank Robbers

The Banner

The Banshee

The Banyans

The Baptist Generals

The Barbarians

60s US garage rock band

The Barking Dogs

French folk-punk band

The Barnes Family

The Barney Kessel Trio

The Barque of Dante

The Barracudas

Canadian/UK garage rock/surf rock band

The Barra MacNeils

The Barr Brothers

The Barron Knights

The Barry Gray Orchestra

The Barry Sea Paradox

The Barry Sisters

The Baseball Project

The Baseballs

The Basics

Melbourne rock band

The Bastard Fairies

The Bastard Sons of Dioniso

The Bastard Suns

The Bates

German punk rock band

The Bathers

The Bats

NZ rock band

The Battle of Land and Sea

The Battle Royale

The Bayonets

LA Indie band featuring Oliver Leiber & Brian Ray

The BB Band

The BBC Big Band

The B.B. & Q. Band

The Beach Boys

American rock band

The Beagles

UK Eagles tribute band formed from the Stu Page band

The Beards

US power pop band

The Beards

South Australian comedy folk rock band

The Bear Quartet

The Bears

American power pop band

The Beat

UK ska band aka The English Beat

The Beatards

The Beat Brothers

The Beat Farmers

The Beat Fleet

The Beatle Bronies

The Beatles

The Beatmasters

British producer trio

The Beatmoss

The Beatnix

The Beatnuts

The Beat Street Band

The Beau Brummels

The Beau Hunks

The Beautiful Girls

The Beautiful Mistake

The Beautiful South

The Beauty of Gemina

The Beauty Room

The Beaver Valley Boys

The Beckoning


The Becoming

The Bedlam Bards

The Bee Eaters

The Beelzebubs

Tufts University Acappella Group

The Bees

Isle of Wight, UK band, known as “A Band of Bees” in the US

The Bees

Nashville, USA band, now known as The Silver Seas

The Beets

Indie band from New York

The Beginning of the End

The Be Good Tanyas

The Belka

The Bell

The Bellamy Brothers

US pop & country duo

The Belle Brigade

The Belle Game

The Belle Stars

The Belleville Outfit

The BellRays

The Bells

70s Canadian pop band

The Belmonts

The Beloved

UK electronic

The Beltones

USA punk band

The Benjamin Gate

The Benjamins

Milwaukee pop punk band

The Benjy Davis Project

The Benny Golson Quartet

The Benny Goodman Quartet

The Benny Goodman Sextet

The Benzedrine Monks of Santo Domonica

The Bereaved

The Berlin Project

The Bert van den Brink Trio

The Berzerker

Australian extreme metal band

The Besnard Lakes

The Bet

80s Belgian pop rock band

The Beta Band

The Betrayed

white power band

The Betrayed

UK oi/punk band

The Beu Sisters

The Beverleys

The Bevis Frond

The bianca Story

The Bible

English rock band

The Bicycles

Canadian indie pop quartet

The Bicycle Thief

The Big

The Big Bang

Jonny Lang’s background band

The Big Bopper

The Big Dish

The Bigger Lights

The Bigger Lovers

The Big Movie Orchestra

The Big Pink

London based electro duo

The Big Six

90s UK rockabilly band

The Big Sleep

The Big Wu

The Bilge Pumps

The Bilinda Butchers

The Bill

Polish punk

The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra

The Bill Gaither Trio

The Bill Hilly Band

The Billie Burke Estate

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