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The Bigger Lovers

The Big Movie Orchestra

The Big Pink

London based electro duo

The Big Six

60s UK beat/rock group

The Big Six

90s UK rockabilly band

The Big Sleep

The Big Wu

The Bilge Pumps

The Bilinda Butchers

The Bill

Polish punk

The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra

The Bill Gaither Trio

The Bill Hilly Band

The Billie Burke Estate

The Billionaires

The Bills

The Bionaut

The Bipolar Bears

Virtual group from 'Underground River Cave, Palawan, Philippines

The Bird and the Bee

The Birdlanders

Henri Renaud project

The Birds of Satan

The Birdsongs

Christian rock band

The Birthday Bunch

The Birthday Massacre

The Birthday Party

The Bishops

Christian vocal group

The Bishops

UK rock and roll band

The Bishops

These guys were originally The Count Bishops

The Biz

electro duo Paul French & Violeta, track "Stop-Go"

The Black

Swedish black metal band

The Black Angels

The Black Atlantic

The Black Belles

The Blackbyrds

The Black Cat Bone

The Black Crowes

The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Eyed Peas

US pop/hip-hop group

The Black Family

The Black Ghosts

The Black Halos

The Black Heart Procession

The Black Heart Rebellion

The Black Keys

The Black League

The Black Lillies

The Black Mages

The Black Maria

The Blackout

The Blackout Argument

The Blackout Crew

The Blackout Pact

The Black Pacific

The Black Pony

The Black Queen

The Black Ryder

The Blacks

The Black Sea

space rock

The Black Seeds

The Black Sheep

German alternative rock group

The Black Sorrows

The Black Sweden

The Blacktop Cadence

The Black Velvets

The Blackwater Fever

The Blackwood Brothers

The Blades

Irish mod band

The Blades of Grass

The Blakes

The Blam

The Blamed

The Blanks

USA a cappella group

The Blank Tapes

The Blank Theory

The Blarney Lads

The Blasters

The Blazers

The Bleach

The Bled

The Bleeders

US ska band


The Blenders

US a cappella group, 80's to now

The Blessing

The Blibbering Humdingers

The Blind Boys of Alabama

The Blinding Light

The Blizzards

The Blood

UK punk band

The Blood Arm

The Blood Brothers

USA hardcore punk

The Blood Divine

The Bloodline

Dutch/german gothic metal band

The Bloodsugars

The Bloody Beetroots

The Bloody Irish Boys

The Blow

The Blow Monkeys

The Blows

The Blue Aeroplanes

The Blue Baron Band

The Bluebeaters

Italian ska band

The Bluebells

The Blue Bloods

Boston hardcore band

The Blue Cats

The Blue Diamonds

The Bluegrass Album Band

The Blue Hawaiians

The Blue Moon Boys

US Ft. Wayne, Indiana group. Style: mainly Rockabilly

The Blue Nile

The Bluenotes

Short lived Jazz backup band for Neil Young

The Blues Band

British blues band

The Blue Seeds

The Blue Shadows

The Blueskins

The Blue Sky Boys

The Blues Project

The Blue Stones

Candian alternative blues rock

The Bluethings

The Bluetones

The Blue Van

The Boat People

The Bobby Fuller Four

The Bobby Timmons Trio

The Bob Crewe Generation

The Bobs

The Bob Seger System

The Bodines

The Body

sludge band

The Boggs

The Bogmen

The Bohicas

The Bollox

The Bollweevils

The Bolshoi

The Bomb

The Bonaduces

The Bonedaddys

The Bones

Swedish punk/rock band

The Boneshakers

Funk/RnB band (Randy Jacobs/Sweet Pea Atkinson)

The Bongos

The Bony King of Nowhere

Belgian singer/songwriter

The Bonzo Dog Band

The Boogie Town

Polish rock band

The Book of Knots

The Books

American duo, formed in New York City in 1999

The Boomtown Rats

The Boondock Saints

The Boo Radleys

The Booth Brothers

The Bootleg Remedy

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