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The Bottom Line

UK pop punk band

The Bottrops

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams Orchestra

The Bouncing Souls

The Box

Canadian new wave band

The Boxer Rebellion

London alternative rock band

The Boxmasters

The Box Tops

The Boy Bathing

The Boyd Rice Experience

The Boyfriends

The Boy Lacks Patience

The Boy Least Likely To

The Boys

80s/90s USA RnB/motown

The Boys

UK punk band

The Boys Next Door

early Nick Cave band, became The Birthday Party

The Boys of the Isle

The Boy Who Trapped the Sun

Performance name of Colin MacLeod

The Boy Will Drown

death-metal band from UK

The Boyz

German boy band

The Boyz From Brazil

The Braces

Thousand Oaks, CA pop-punk band

The Bradley Young Trio

The Brady Bunch

The Braids

The Brains

American New Wave Band, 1980's

The Brains

Canadian psychobilly band

The Brain Surgeons

The Brandals

The Brand New Heavies

The Brandos

The Brass Connection

Canadian big band led by Doug Hamilton

The Brass Ring

The Brave

Christian Rock Band

The Brave Little Abacus

The Bravery

The Braxtons

The Break and Repair Method

The Breakaways

Nerves offshoot

The Breathing Process

The Breath of Life

Belgian Darkwave/Gothrock band

The Breeders

The Breeze The Breath

The Brett Rosenberg Problem

The Brew

US alternative rock band

The Brew

UK psychedelic rock band

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Brian Setzer Orchestra

The Bridal Procession

French death metal/deathcore

The Brides of Funkenstein

The Bridgeheads

The Bridges

The Briefs

USA punk band

The Briggs

The Bright

The Bright Light Social Hour

The Brilliance

The Brilliant Things

The Bristols

The Broadsiders

Dallas, TX Oi!/Streetpunk band

The Broadway Kids

The Broadways

The Brobecks

The Broken Family Band

The Broken Remotes

The Broken Result

The Broken West

The Brokeoffs

The Bronx

US punk band

The Bronx Casket Co.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brother Kite

The Brothers Bright

The Brothers Creeggan

The Brothers Four

The Brothers Johnson

70s disco

The Brothers Martin

The Brown Derbies

The Browne Sisters and George Cavanaugh

The Browning

Experimental Deathcore/Electro

The Browns

50's-60's country/folk vocal trio

The Browns

Horror punk band from Canada

The Bruce Lee Band

The Bruisers

The Brunettes

New Zealand pop

The Brute Chorus

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra

Jazz ensemble founded and led by Bryan Ferry

The B-Sides

Chapel Hill, NC punk-pop quintet

The Bucketheads

The Buckinghams

The Buck Pets

The Buddaheads

The Buddhas

German acappella group

The Buddy Rich Big Band

The Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Club

country band

The Buffoons

Dutch 1960/70s band

The Bug

UK illbient/electronic producer Kevin Martin

The Builders and the Butchers

The Bunch

70s British folk-rock supergroup

The Bunny The Bear

The Buoys

1970's progressive rock band

The Bureau

The Burger Project

The Burial

US Death Metal (South Bend, IN)

The Burial

UK oi/ska band

The Burned

The Burning

The Burning Bush

The Burning Hell

The Burning of Rome

The Burning Season

The Burns Sisters

The Burns Unit

The BusBoys

The Bush The Tree and Me

The Business

English oi! band

The Bus Station Loonies

The Busters

German ska band

The Butchies

The Butlers

German ska punk band

The Butterbean Jazz Quartet

The Butterfly Effect

Brisbane, Australia alternative metal

The Butterfly Explosion

The Buzzhorn

The Buzz Klub

Belgian teen pop group

The Byrds

American rock band

The Byron Band

The Cab

The Cable Car Theory

The Cabriolets

The Cactus Brothers

The Cadillac Three

The Cake Sale

The California Raisins

The Call

From California, USA.

The Callstore

French London-based musician

The Calm Blue Sea

The Cal Tjader Quintet

The Cambridge Singers

The Camerawalls

The CamPanulas

The Canadian Band of the Allied Expeditionary Force

The Canadian Tenors

The Candles Burning Blue

The Candle Thieves

The Candymen

The Candyskins

The Cannonball Adderley Quintet

The Canon Logic

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