She's Out There Somewhere Lyrics - Tab Benoit

Release information
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Blues
Style: Chicago Blues
length: 3:50
Standin' on the corner
Wait on my girl to come by
Yes standin' on the corner
Waitin' on my girl to come by
Yes I can see nobody's face
And I just gonna break down an' cry

Well I know she's out here
On this street somewhere
Yes I know you're out here woman uh
On this street somewhere
Bye baby now
I found me a new little girl

Yeah hug me baby and uh
Hear me call your name mm
Oh I know you hear me babe I
Keep on callin' your name
Well I didn't hear the answer babe
An' I don't seem to see a dog-gone thing

I'll flag me a cab and I'll
Ride around all over town oh baby
Yes I'll flag me a cab and I think I'll
Ride around all over town
You know if I don't find you woman I ain't gonna let this
Cab here no more put me down

So it's about four o'clock in the mornin' and I'm
Startin' to fall asleep ha ha
I tell the cab driver I just wanna
Find me somethin' to eat
I say I gotta find my woman
And I know she's somewhere somewhere
You know I'm gonna ride I'm gonna ride I say I'm gonna
Ride this ol' yellow cab

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