Who Sang Everybody Knows? Tabu

Tabu jednosłowo cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 3:40
We getta cause we wanna
We stay cause we have
Somebody told no no
We stay cause we have
Don't say no if're fine now
Nobody can punish You
Them have no right
Don't say no if're fine now

There is an extra Almighty God in there
Protecting us, holding in that hand
Everybody Knows it's good to be wiht Him
Everybody Knows it's eternal life!
Everybody knows
Remind the days,
We had we wanted
We stayed we felt,
Remind the days
Nobody could punish us,
Nobody had the right
We lived we liked
We lived we wanted

CD 1
  • 1 Daptro
  • 2 I Tell You
  • 3 Wojownik
  • 4 Dziękuje Ci Jah
  • 5 Love Fill My Soul
  • 6 Słoneczne (puść mnie w radiu proszę)
  • 7 Sarny
  • 8 Uciekam
  • 9 Everybody Knows
  • 10 Tyle mam (feat. Grizzlee)
  • 11 Jednosłowo